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Weight loss/health struggles

Hi everyone

I've already forgotten how I came across HealthUnlocked, I'm all too excited to get talking with people, or even just someone about this topic of weight loss.

I've had a long struggle with food, weight gain and weight loss, it's an integral issue within my family, and I only had brought it up to my parents in the past year since I've been back from University for a gap year. Going onwards from that, I figured out all of those things tied in tightly, my lack of willpower to actually speak to anyone about this is probably the reason why I've always failed at my own makeshift diet plans and workouts. Absolutely no motivation.

Anyways, fast forwarding to today (or, since january this year till now I guess) I recently quit smoking which is a step in the right direction! as I had picked up jogging, I quickly realised the choice I made was for the best. I last had a run this weekend just gone, I managed to cut a whole minute off and I now sit at a half mile run in 6 minutes and 44 seconds without stopping. I know that's terrible for someone of my age, that being 21. But honestly I remember being much worse!

So, i guess I want to give this weight loss thing another shot. Better equipped with some much better knowledge at hand, I think I know what I'm doing now.. more or less.

I weight 15stone 8.5lbs. Because of my wrist injuries I gained around 4lb in two months. I actually remember being this weight at 18 before I had left for University, whilst I was studying I managed to keep it down at 13 stone 12lbs. But that's long gone, things slowly crept back up onto me.

Nevertheless, I will persevere! My goal is to reach 13 stone by September, this is a month before going back to University. I hope to be a healthier individual with a much more active lifestyle. My days of MMO gaming and binge eating will be tough to be rid of. A lifestyle change is something I've always said I'm ready for, but it's never worked out.

So I'm calling out to the people who were in similar situations. Eating at night because you can't sleep, how do you not do that? I feel so hungry, or think that somehow eating will help me sleep! I have the procrastinating on physical activity side of things on a tight lock, I roller-skate and run, however rollerskating has allowed me to break 3 bones in a year, I think I'll be giving it a break till summer. So I need something else to do in my free time, anything I can do at home to help keep active?

These are my questions, if anyone reads this and has any useful help for me, I am very grateful.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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Hi there, I'm just starting week 3 of the NGS 12 week plan, it's really easy to follow - I'm using MyFitnessPal alongside it to count calories and keep a check on portion control ... So far so good!

I'm also a Couch to 5k (C25k) graduate ... The 9 week program of podcasts is also really good and very motivational!

Good luck on your journey! 👍

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If you believe in yourself you will succeed in your journey to a life of happiness and good health, but you must believe you can do it. Equipped with the right knowledge of what to eat and watching your calories in verses calories out will help you achieve your goal weight, but you must stay focused.

Finding a routine that you can stick to is also key to having a successful weight loss. I have my routine down now and it has become routine to work out 5 day a wk and have all meals planned in advance.

Like you I also wake up early and feel hungry, like today I've been up since 3am and lay in bed till almost 5 before getting up. When this happens I have a piece of toast and coffee because you still need to fuel your body and stop the hunger pangs. I really wish you a good and successful journey and hope come Sept you have achieved what you set out to do because it can be done, you just have to believe in you and your abilities to do it. Good luck x


Keep going, at 12.5 I am also struggling, but you ARE young and the jogging can really help. Twenty two years ago, I amazingly ran a marathon and was just over 10 stone. When you feel able to join a running club, they are usually very supportive and often have a good social side, so good luck.


I am a 60+ who wants to lose weight & took up jogging. You could buy a treadmill or hire one for the days you don't go out. Ali get yourself a Fitbit which counts your steps. Use my fitness pal app to record what you eat. Eat less exercise more & you will get there.



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