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First goal

Two months ago I was reading on this site eating Christmas chocolate. Today I have reached my first goal. I have got to 12st 7lb :-) It`s not a fantastic amount to lose in two months but I am chuffed. I have done slimming world and weight watchers in the past and got to goal weight, but over the years it`s all gone back on, not once but twice. I can`t afford slimming clubs these days but I know what to do. It`s putting it into practice and keeping it up. A big motivation is the fact I have two grandchildren very over weight. They worry me, so I thought lead by example. They are now slowly getting to grips with their problem as they see me getting to grips with mine. Thanks for all the support everyone. Hope you all have a great week. Next target 11st 13lb.

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👏👏👏 brilliant, well done 👍and leading by example is the best way, good luck on your journey 🌺


It's great that you decided to change things, and a good example for your grandchildren! Good luck!


Congrats on reaching that goal! I'm just beginning my journey so stories like yours will inspire me to keep going.


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