Eve of my weigh in......Lol

Getting this off my chest now.....

Been good with foodπŸ˜„

Been good with alcohol 😜

Been good with regular exercise πŸ˜›

So I will jump on those scales tomorrow and hope for some encouragement because this is not easy !!!!!!

As I'm getting older weight piles on and takes much longer to move.....and I tend to get really pissed off with myself...


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  • Good luck ... We're eagerly awaiting your results 🌼... Stick to the plan, we'll get there πŸ‘

  • Will do folliegirl 😜

  • Well I am pissed off. Had my first weigh in this morning and only lost 2 1/4 pounds. I gave been good with food, drink and exercise so am really fed up. Your right it does take longer to lose when your older. I wanted to give up this morning and thought whats the point. Hope your weigh in is better than mine.

  • Don't give up, that's sensible, sustainable weight loss, here's to sticking to the plan 🌼

  • Thanks Folliegirl. I have got over it now and getting on with week 2. I thought it would be a bigger weight loss as last time I lost 6lbs the first week and that gives you a bit of a boost.

  • Interesting ... One of my friends had a similar experience when she went back to SW ... But she made it to target, just took a little longer! Good luck, chin up x

  • Fingers crossed junijack !! πŸ˜‰

  • Mine are crossed for you.

  • That is a great loss! Well done. Losing large numbers can make it harder to sustain in the long run, you should see the positive in any loss

  • Yes its slow. Only lost 6ld in 6 weeks. And only 2 piggy evenings. And walking more. Plus got my Wi charged again. So do 20 mins of exercise in front of tv 3 times a week.

  • Even if the scales havent moved there could be several reasons, I found that on some of my "lowest-eating-weeks" I did not lose, then a week or so later, for no apparent reason, I did lose!

    The only way is to not give up, keep going! Or, as I do now, only weigh yourself every fortnight.... especially important as you get nearer goal and it slows right down. BUT fingers crossed you will be happy with what you see tomorrow .:)

  • Your right elliebath....πŸ˜œπŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€

  • Have faith... I was the worst ever example of sticking to a plan, and although I tried my best, I had LOTS of hopeless days, but eventually got there!! SO WIL YOU 😁

  • Youve been doing so well and working so hard. Im sure you have done well, let us know how you get on. Remember its not just the scales that shows improvement, health, clothes sizes change fit better, more confident etc good luck hun

  • I know and it is such a pain, and very frustrating. Still you have stuck to it so you should see results. Keep it up!

  • Im sure you will be fine in your weigh in...last two weeks put 3lb on...todays weigh in lost 3lb...yeah...

  • 2 1/4 lbs more than I managed, and if you do that every week.... sometimes it takes a bit longer for the results to show. You'll do it!

  • Bluehills.... Many thanks

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