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900g gone, woohoo!

Hi all, well after a few pants weeks I finally managed to have a decent loss. Even despite have two periods inside 16 days (menopause).

I have been a bit more careful with the carbs this week and I have done a couple of bike rides as well as helping to shift 3 tonnes of gravel with a spade so thats all helped. I rewarded myself with a Cadbury's Creme Egg on Sunday night.

This week I am shifting topsoil with a spade so hoping the 'spade effect' will work its magic again!!!!

loss this week 900g.

overall loss 4.2, 10kg to loose overall, so heading towards halfway.

Weight 62.7

Goal weight 57, 5.8kg to go.

Planning on being 61 something next Monday,

Good luck for the week ahead everyone. :)

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Are you sure you're not already a size 12? Congrats on your loss, you are doing great!!!

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Brilliant, well done 🌻 keep up the good work!


Thanks, I see you have additional challenges being diabetic, so good on you for keeping going. Good luck. :)


Thanks! Diabetes does add an interesting dynamic to the plan, but so far so good! Here's to another good week! 👍


Hi again Size12goal,

Just read your post, and wanted to say Congratulations on losing 900g this week. That's great, and it's also great to hear you're nearly half-way to your overall goal.

Good luck for this week.

Lowcal :-)


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