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Started well but turned to pot :-(

Started with a loss on the scales which is a bonus and good start for week 4 until.....went out with my parents. Still think my mum is trying to sabotage my diet as (she was driving) and went into a roadside cafe where everything is fried or high calorie. Making veg soup for tea, hopefully my lack of will power this morning won't be too detrimental to my week. Good luck to you all and let's all have a good week! x

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I'm sure you'll be fine. Draw a line under today and start fresh tomorrow. You can do this. Good luck!


Yeah just a bit annoyed with myself but didn't want to upset the olds by refusing breakfast. Still 6 days to lose weight I suppose. Thank you and good luck with your week :-)


Your veg soup will balance things out, don't let today throw you ... You can do this 🌺


Thank you I hope it does. Tasted lovely as well which was a bit of a bonus. 6 more days till next weigh in so fingers crossed. Keep up your good work as well x

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Well done on the loss hun. Don't beat yourself up about the wobble you can soon make up for it. Had a good day today so hopefully will stay that way for the week xx


Ahh brilliant! Glad you had a good day and hope it's good omen for the week. I was annoyed with myself but didn't want to upset my parents.Having a better day today so let's go for a great week x


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