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Week one done

Despite a slight wobble on Thursday have weighed in this morning and 3lbs down. Really pleased as I have tried to be focused. Also made sure I filled in my weekly sheet and put it on the fridge to see as well as keeping a food diary. Have just counted calories but also watched my portion sizes. Also made sure I had food sorted for work so didn't have excuse to pop to the shop.

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Hey there, well-done on the weight loss. Sounds to me like your doing everything right. I find preplanning for work to be essential. Keep your focus and you'll have the weight off in no time


Thanks. Even got a well done from hubby.

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👏👏👏 brilliant, well done 🌻


I finished week one as well and I had 5lb off this morning. I had to weigh myself again to make sure! I recorded my calories and exercise every day on myfitnesspal app and it has paid off big time. Roll on week 2. Fingers crossed.


well done. I use myfitneespal just to check the calories - I find I'm better writing it down on paper a better method for me. But whatever works has to be good.


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