OMG where did all the weight come from

Well today is the new beginning that is so long overdue.. ...... Yes I am fat and fifty...... lets face it , it really shouldn't be a surprise. It didn't go on overnight I know it didn't but it feels as if it did.

Well my purpose for a new beginning, is my new little grandson, I don't want to be know as Nanny fat!!!

I have tried all the commercial diets, but do I really need to pay weekly to be told your fat ?

So joined the gym, downloaded the whole programme, been shopping for a new way of living food, purchased a calorie counting book, smaller plates and a pedometer, all I should need to make this a success.

Would love to have others to chat to that are facing the same battle.


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  • Hi there, I'm at the end of Week 2 of the NHS 12 Week plan, so far so good! It's weigh day for me tomorrow so we'll see, but having lost half a stone last week I'm not really expecting much tomorrow! My eyes and clothes can see the difference, but not really expecting much from the scales!! Good luck on your journey 🌺

  • WOW well done half a stone in a week....... go you!!!!! That's an achievement and a half. Good luck for tomorrow, fingers crossed for you

  • Ridiculously happy at having lost 1lb, after last week I didn't think I'd lose anything at all!!!! 😊

  • also ridiculously happy. I looked at the scales hoping for 12st 7Β½llb and found 12st 6Β½lb.

    It's exhilarating !

  • Amazing isn't it πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • Good luck

  • Hi there, I'm also fat and fifty, and determined that this is the fattest I will ever be, the scales have to go downwards from here! Hope all goes well for you X

  • And to you. The fighting flabby fifties club

  • Lovely title! 🍰🍦🍩🍫 changing to πŸπŸŽπŸ πŸ…πŸπŸ“

  • lol hows your week been?? Its so hard to break bad habits. Sat at work this week and everyone was having coffee cake.... omg so hard to resist !

    Strawberry and apple didnt quite seem the same

  • Hows your week been ??? Hope its all ok for you.

  • Hiya, Lost two pounds since monday. Saw GP monday morning for blood test results and told some liver function tests slightly off what they should be, possibly due to BMI 34, have to have them repeated in a month, so currently motivation to lose some weight has sprung to life! How about you? :)

  • a loss oh 1.5 today for the week, so not as good as yours lol. Been to the gym today and now I ache in places I didnt know you could ache. Feeling motivated though.

    Those test results will be different in a month if you keep up the good work. Good luck with your week ahead.

  • Hey you can do it . I'm 62 and I did . I love the new me I added my fitness app to my phone so I could scan food products . I haven't gone super skinny lost 3 1/2 stone since Oct . Got 6lbs to go .... but have relaxed a bit now . It's great to go buy a dress and skinny jeans and not have to have a big floaty top . Congrats on the baby grandchild .best feeling in the world and u will spoil him rotten . X

  • Thanks so much I must say such a motivator. 3.5 stone is an amazing achievement especially in 3 months. Hope I can have your willpower and success. Well done

  • weigh in day tomorrow. Feeling apprehensive...... Joined the gym gotta do it

  • I'm seeing a lot of Fat Fifties on here....should we make a club..

    Also determined, 5 beautiful grandchildren that I want to be around for to input into their lovely lives. Feeling painful when I need to get on the floor to play trains and getting up off the floor....well, let's just say I hope no one watches me! You are all an inspiration to me...let's not be fat fifty-ones! Well done you

  • fat and fifties club..... does that give us 10 years to become the skinny sixties????

  • Haha lovely, we should do it!

  • Hiya. I'm 61 & fat but had a good 1st week with 3lbs down. It is hard but I've found keeping a food diary helpful which is the old pen & paper method that way I can carry it with me everywhere so no convenient forgetting. My aim is to be fitter & less heavy by May when I travel over to see Son for his birthday. Just keep your goals in your mind and written down to focus and good luck

  • well done to you. 3lb is a good loss.

  • hope you have had a good week

    I have to agree tracking food eaten is great. Must say have invested in a fit bit and am getting slightly addicted to it ! its a great motivator

  • Week seems to be going ok and finding that planning meals helps as well. Have considered a fit bit myself will have to wait till payday for that.

  • Hi Yes I have to agree planning is the key. Plan the food, plan the shop it does help.

    Fitbit is an expense, but in my opinion so far has been worth it. I can set myself goals etc. I have also managed to talk my friend into getting one so we can set each other challenges. Good Luck for your week

  • Hi, I seem to be the oldest on here. I'm 68 and well overweight, have been for years. It's really getting me down, as I get out of breath so easily and feel totally unhealthy. I have lost weight in the past, but only for a short time, and nowhere near as much as I should lose. I don't know where to start, as I have read so many weight loss articles, with conflicting views on what is healthy to eat and what isn't. I would love to be able to play with my 5 youngest grandchildren, ages, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 10. They love to play football and running around. I REALLY need to do this now.

    You all seem to be doing so well, congratulations.

  • Hi

    You will do it little by little drip by drip. The weight doesn't go on overnight, although in my case I feel sure it did lol Trying to do something about it is the first step, for me at the moment I am just having a slow plod, providing the scales are going down I think I will be happy. I would love to be like some people on here who are having amazing weight loss week after week, but for me its slow. I am finding this easier than some of the commercial diets Have doe WW and SW and was paying good money to get on the scales to be told what I already know..... I am fat. At the moment I am putting that money that I would of spent into a pot so I will treat myself to something when I have lost the first stone.

    Good Luck x

  • Hiya... I feel exactly the same although I'm not quite a nanny yet as im turning 30 next month but yes I'm fat, obese actually according to statistics! 😞 I guess I am compared to 10 years ago when I was only 10st 4lb I'm now 16st.. I don't mind sharing it as I want to lose it as much as everyone here!! But hey we all need support don't we? I'm not ashamed to admit I need it 😊 I NEED HELP haha..

  • Yes. Ant the daily inbox comments are just one of the things that encourage me every day.

  • thanks for your comments and good luck to you as well, its hard, and it seemed to go on without hard work lol but its going to be a long painful journey yo shift the lard...... good luck

  • hiya how was your week

  • Hi all well surgery went well . I told u all I had 6lb s to lose , well I pretty sure that's gone . Hospital food was diabolical , and as fast as I put something in my mouth , it flew out again kinda normal I m told with anesthetic and very strong pain relief so that was every day for 4 days . Well I just come home .and the bad news is I must have gained at least a stone .plaster caste. But the better news is I m going to have the best toned arms as the foot is none weight bearing , and we have stairs . So bottom shuffling and upper body fitness. . I had a lovely salad and grilled pork for my tea with a few airfryer chips .could only eat half . So there we go no weigh ins for 6 week or more .but u lot, all best be good and keep up the good work . Xxxx

  • I need to lose a stone, I'm on eleven but my body gets messed about because I have Cirrhosis of the Liver. You get water in your body, I once went up to 14 stones. I looked as if I was 9 months pregnant. I take water tablets. You could ask your GP or go down the homeopathic road.


  • Hi I'm in my mid fifties and yes I'm fat. But don't like the word,'fat'. I started my weight loss journey in December just after Christmas. I didn't wait for the first January like everyone else. I had joined a gym but never went due to time. I enjoy walking and so far I have lost almost 2st. I know it is difficult but one advice don't deprive yourself. Have a treat from time to time. I am using the my fitness app and find it a great help. Good luck

  • well Done Matilda..... 2 st is amazing

  • I've found that if I don't ban any foods, just concentrate on portion sizes and low calorie options I'm managing to keep on track. I'm looking at this as more of a healthy lifestyle rather than a diet. I sometimes think it's the word diet that is the problem. I've still had the odd pint of Guinness but made sure I kept calories in hand for it. I know it's only week 4 of my new regime but I do feel I'm going in the right direction. And, as others have said here, the updates on the forum really do help as you're not doing it alone.

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