Week 1 done

I have just finished my first week of my new healthy lifestyle ( I refuse to call it a diet) and I only lost 3lb. I am trying to be positive about it because any loss is still a loss but I have so much more to lose and I have been exercising which is a totally new concept for me. It's been hard to stay motivated to both exercise and eat better especially after work. As I said I am trying to stay positive because I have been feeling better, more energy , not as sluggish and I have been sleeping better. I have such a long way to go and I have to keep telling myself it's a lifestyle change not just a temporary fix its a way to feel better about my life and be healthier! Anyone else in the same boat as me ?


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12 Replies

  • But 3 lb is an excellent result! :-) It is, really. You'll be surprised at how quickly the pounds add up. Just focus on staying below the calorie limit every day :-) I've weighted in today after my first week too. I have lost 2lb and it's also a bit dissapointing, because I've recently put lots of weight, so it feels as nothing, but it's not. If I keep being motivated, in 12 weeks will be a very different one! We have to be patient! And keep thinking of how to make it easir to stay below 1400 cal (cook, buy healthy and tasty food, etc).

    Exercise son't make you lose lots of weight, but it wil help you feel (and look) much better!! :-)

    Congratulations about the 3lb!!! :-)


  • Thank you Diana , congratulations on your 2lb! As I said loss is loss and each loss is another wee step in our journey !! It is hard though when you don't see the result you were hoping for but I know doing it slow and steady it's the way to keep it off !!! Well done let ME know how you get on this week !!! X

  • I will! :-) Let's tell each other in a week. I'm sure that we''l feel really proud and happy to have lost a few more pounds! :-) Have a good week!

  • I am positive we will have good news in a week haha !! Good luck this week Diana xx

  • Well done 👏👏that is 'sensible', sustainable weight loss AND like you say this is a change of lifestyle, not a diet ... You're doing great, keep up the good work 🌺

  • Thank you :) x

  • The main thing is you have decided to embark on a life style change which is a positive step in it self. You say you only lost 3Ib but that's very good. Look at your long term goals and stay focused on them.

  • Your totally right , it's a lifestyle change for a long term healthy life !! I just need to stay focused x

  • well done on completing wk 1 and losing 3lbs that is a really good start. Keep up the good work x

  • 3lbs is a great result!! You should be over the moon, every lb lost is a step closer to your goal, youve also noticed other benefits like sleeping better, everything adds up. So you have a long way to go but youve made a great start, keep up the good work, as you say its not a diet its a lifestyle change so will take time to feel like habit but you will get there. Well done again on your loss

  • It just goes to show the health benefits of exercising and eating well, even with a loss of just 3lbs. Well done.

  • Thank you everybody really encouraging !!

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