Is this wrong ?

I adore cooking, even if I have to sit on a stool to do it, and I adore eating........I'm fantasising over making and eating my white chocolate cheesecake....... now I'd like your opinion on this........ I'm 'planning' on making and eating a real feast for Easter the full works, a big roast with of course the cheesecake, but is it wrong to plan this, for it to be a motivator to be 'good' till then ? It's all I can think about at the moment it's like I'm obsessed and I'm not sure if that's appropriate or healthy to be focusing on this ?

Btw I do honestly make & freeze lots of healthy foods too. I've got loads frozen down so I don't need to make anything else.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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11 Replies

  • Hey

    Enjoying a big meal now and then is not going to hurt you, long as you are sticking to your plan the rest of the time why not? You could always do a little more exercise in the day before or after to help burn off the extra calories. You are probably only obsessing because your worried about the guilt over eating it. You do well the rest of the time so why not enjoy it. Ive given up chocolate for march so i think about chocolate more than normal, doesnt help yummy easter eggs everywhere lol.

  • You're rght about the obsessing ! I'm looking at all sweetie recepies, cheesecake, buttered Brazil's, lemon pudding ! I think it's some sort of 'kickback' or rebellion or something like that, I'm going to have to try harder and fight it, now there's a thought ; me wrestling with a white chocolate cheesecake !!!!!!!! Beats mud wrestling any day ha ha ha !

  • Its easter, enjoy yourself. Enjoy the cooking and just have a little of everything. I have to have a packet of crisps most days so i opt for space raiders as they are baked and only i think 64 cals. You cant deny yourself things otherwise you will be miserable and pig out. My best friends daughter has just lost 25 pounds in 5 weeks on the cambridge diet. 2 shakes a day and a piece of chicken with rocket at night........ i couldnt be bothered........and its 30 quid a week. Its not normal eating , just hope she doesnt put it back on bless her. A good balance is what we need. There is far too much crap out there to eat and we seem to love it. Take me back to the little house on the praire (spelling doesnt look right) days when everything was simple and good. Have a lovely easter xx

  • Good lord ! On all fronts ! D'you know I wish your friends daughter so much the best but, I'm totally with you, it's not normal, and unless she was going to live the rest of her life on the Cambridge plan ( very unlikely ) I doubt that she will manage to keep the 25 lbs off very sadly..... It doesn't 'teach' you anything does it, doesn't help you to sort out the overeating that pit the weight on in the first place. Funny how things come around again isn't it ? I went on the Cambridge plan when it first came out years ago when I was 19 & I'm 49 now, it taught me zilch, was socially limiting and cost a lot of dosh! I hope your friends daughter keeps the weight off anyway, but I also hope she in time manages to find a more balanced way to lose the weight. God if I only knew then what I know now ...... there is no magic cure, just being 'sensible' and making healthier food choices, most of the time anyway !

  • Im 49, how you feeling about the BIG 50, mines august and i want to be fit by then. I will let you know how my friends daughter carries on as it is a house for the lovely take aways so it will be interesting. I am pleased for her its just not realistic.

  • I'm fine about 50...... BUT saying I'm 50, rather than 49 just SOUNDS well, just so much older doesnt it? My oh worries about wrinkles etc far more than me & he's younger than me..... When is it time to wear those crimpolene dresses & wrinkly stockings I wonder ???? :)

  • Suggestion - make a pavlova - my daughter-in-law made one for Christmas - make a wreath shape with the meringue - cook as per recipe - cover with 0% Greek yoghurt - then soft fruits (raspberries etc ) - fresh or defrosted frozen - drizzle over raspberry coulis - and serve! Delicious! Could be your new go to dessert!

  • Aah meringue, lovely, and you're right, with fresh raspberries and the Greek yogurt that would be lovely after a full roast...... Mmmmm I'm almost eating it now! Thanks for that idea I'm definitely going to give that a go, I adore meringue!

  • Enjoy! I did!

  • You can make small individual meringues as you can freeze them and just get them out as you want them x

  • That's a really good idea!

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