Friday Feeling!!!

So, I will be home alone tonight and feel like I need to be naughty. Have bought my biggest sin (cheese savouries and revels) have put my calories into MFP already and know for a fact that I will be about 400 calories over by the end of the day! But still well under 2000. I dont have a sense of guilt! I am ready to splurge!!!! I am darn well going to enjoy it.

This is a big thing for me, I have had an unhealthy relationship with food for many years, suffering with eating disorders in my early 20s and then ballooning in my 30s, but no more........level headed and smaller waist in my 40s and I currently feel healthier than ever (after only a few weeks) by counting calories and thinking about what I will eat and having a good balanced, colourful diet instead of starving myself and living on leaves, or getting depressed and eating everything!

I am losing weight and dont want to do it too quickly as I know it will come back, I actually have a positive outlook on what I eat, lets face it - nothing is really a sin, I am not really being naughty, I just need to remember to count these extras into MFP and accept that the choices I make will impact my weight loss speed and adjust accordingly.

This site has really helped me, reading how others have overcome struggles, recovered from setbacks and supported each other gives me focus and inspiration. For the first time ever I feel that the weight loss comes second to the success I feel at being healthier and making good choices. I have a long way to go but all my little changes and choices have already changed me....for the better!!!

Davina and I will work it out tomorrow morning. If it takes me an extra few weeks to lose that last lb then so be it, rather be healthy and happy than obsessed and sad. I will no longer be controlled by food.....I control it!!!!

Counting lower calories recommences on Saturday :):):)

Start Weight 15/2/15 - 12st 6lbs

Last weigh in 2/3/15 - 11st 13lbs

Current weight 6/3/15 - 11st 12lbs

Target for Good Friday - 11st 7lbs

Ultimate Target - 10st 7lbs


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4 Replies

  • Sensible words Littlepins you are so right .... I think mfp is a great help with planning food sensibly - nothing needs to be off limits it just needs to be accounted for. Good luck with your journey & great you are feeling good :-)

  • Brilliant! Well done, I wholeheartedly agree, have a great weekend 🌻

  • I have followed a similar pattern as you with MFP since last april, and I slowly, steadiy reduced from 12 stone to 10 st , BMI now a healthy 23.

    I am now more or less at my right weight , but still cannot totally relax with this treat night practice. I still have my "treats " ( mine was Thurs crisps and a couple of G&Ts ) which pushed me over 1600 ( for my age my maximum is 1750) . And today I see I have gained 1 pound this week . There is no mathematical reason why but the method worked ok in the early days but not now.

  • Well, it didnt stop on Friday night, i had friends drop in unexpectedly with pizza and beer (mental note to tell people i am trying to lose weight) on Saturday, I had already had most of my calorie allowance and was looking forward to a low cal dinner, still uneaten!

    shocking news....gained 1.5lbs! not doing official weigh in until friday so have a week to undo the damage. Enjoyed my weekend though, will just have to get moving more this week!!!

    i went over MFP calories but stayed under the recommended 1831 cals for my age/height/weight. i strongly beleive the most damage is done by carbs in my diet, they love to sit on my hips lol and its been a doughy weekend :)

    back on track!!!

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