Pain,binge eat,depressed and scared

I wish to get a grip on my life, I have chronic pain, I binge eat its getting worse the more i eat the more I am depressed ,it spirals up and up. Weight can't help my health, I do know I have to do it myself when I was well I cycled gym swim walked now all not possible causes more pain and aggregation to body. Sorry i sound useless that's what I feel. Has anybody ideas how I can take some type of control.


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  • Chronic pain is horrible, i have fibromyalgia and get a lot of pain through that. Start with something really simple like walking, i started with steps ups while watching tv (wiifit board about 2inches high) for about 10 mins a night and increased as i felt fitter. I still take tramadol but normally only in the mornings now which is a big improvement. I assure you you will feel better as you get fitter, just takes time. Start with small steps that you can stick with and go from there. Good luck and all the best

  • Thank you for replying I do try exercise but everything I do is so slow. Then tell myself to get a grip. Really going to try to be as positive as I you say it will help my thoughts I am on quite a lot of meds one being fentanyl patch which has just been upped. It might help more.thanks again.

  • No problem, aim for the long game, when i stopped getting frustrated over slow weight loss, i was able to start focusing on the positives, i celebrate every loss no matter how small. I really hope it gets better for you

  • Thank you as our say everything hepls

  • Can you get to a swimming pool, Peacerose? The water will support you so that hopefully you can exercise without pain.

    Have you looked at the 12 week plan to see if that is possible for you? If not, perhaps have a look at something different for weight loss.

  • Thank you for ideas, need help to get in pool and husband has been unwell . ican swim but pain in next not good after but I found treading water helped.

  • Hello lovely. Are there any small gentle exercises you can do ? Something that will allow you to feel that there are some exercises you can do and hopefully it might help lifto your mood a little, enough to give you something to build on ? I know what you mean about being slow ! I've got prolapsed discs and I too move slowly, do everything most of the time 'thoughtfully' with regard to my back, it's very hard, I used to just jump up off the sofa, now it's slow slow without the quick quick! You do sound down and I'm so sorry, but I hope you can take some comfort in the fact a lot of us on here are in the same boat.... If gently gently is what your body needs go with that, small steps, over a period of time will get you there...... Xxxxx

  • That was kind of you to reply with such couragement , I do stretching exercises for hands arms and back,but as you say its slow. IWhen I posted I felt really desperate, i do try then I go to piece's. I know it sounds silly but if you slip its harder to crawl back up again, you know in your heart, don't eat it then you do then beat yourself up! So as our said small steps so I hope I am back on the right track, felt like ton weight on head! Certainly looks like it on scales. I do appricate your post.

  • Just to let you know posting how I felt in words helped me but I had 4 replys all with helpful thought and encouragement, I hope I have startedvto turn corner, not quite so down,telling myself to pace as pain flare up needs are and reinforcing brain bingeing does not help! But brain doesn't always hear!!! I really say thanks as o felt desperate even lifted a tiny bit feels a climb on ladder THANKS

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