Eating at night!


I was wondering if anybody else eats late at night and if this could be slowing my weight loss.

I stick to my calorie count easily all day but end up going off the rails in the evening no matter how hard I try!

Would it help to eat less during the day and save calories for evening or what's the best way to space them out?

I'm allowed 1400 calories per day.

Thank you for any advice x


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9 Replies

  • Hey i work 12 hour shifts so at least twice a week i end up having dinner at 11pm. I find if i have a big meal definitely affects my weigh in. But as long as i stay active mostly i still lose weight. I think burning more calories than i eat definitely helps, but still find weight loss is harder the more i eat later at night. I read somewhere that you should eat something small every few hours normally i have 3 meals a day, with low cal snacks in between. Eating late is a habit ive been working on, although when i work late is unavoidable some days

  • Hi

    I've worked nights before and it completely messed up my eating habits so I feel for you. I think my problem is being bored so I'm gonna be exercising in the TV breaks or just getting up and doing something.......will try anything! Thanks for your reply x

  • I have been trying to 'save' some spare calories so that I can have something in the evening ... I was really proud of myself last night because I kept the hunger monster at bay - I have discovered that warm (rather than hot) drinks seem to help and using MyFitnessPal and logging everything that passes my lips is keeping me honest 😉

  • Asda do various fruit teas containing hibiscus. I never used to touch that kind of thing, but now I drink them through the evening, sweetened with a couple of Splenda tabs. They seem to keep my mouth happy, and stop me from eating stuff when I don't need to. Might be worth a try.

  • Ah thank you for your suggestion and funily enough I have fruit tea in the cupboard so will definitely give it a go x

  • I'm trying fruit tea later and going to do exercises in the TV breaks instead of eating. I was using my fitness oak but find I do better with Noon so I've swapped back. Thank you for your reply x

  • I have only just spotted your reply, than you. I'm saving calories for night time and it's working so far! x

  • Eating late at night...I put weight I try eating a bigger lunch...if I know im working late shift...then I dont try to eat everything all at once when I get home...

  • Im going to try fruit tea as flavoufriend above suggested and I'm going to break my nightly routine of just sitting watching TV by doing various exercises during the breaks......anything is better than pigging out I guess x

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