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Hello all

Hi I am aproaching 57 but still retain a youthful outlook on life, looking back always been a bit overweight but after taking early retirement and spending 12 months abroad came back much too heavy and this is now coupled with blood pressure problems, need to loose at least 4 stone, but to add to my problems i live alone and find food/ cooking management difficult as no matter what people say its difficult to cook for one! so i need a couple of buddies out there to help me, enjoy exercise and the great outdoors so with help and encouragement sure i can beat it, i live in oxfordshire so if anyone is in the same boat please get in touch x

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I live on my own too! I usually cook recipes for 4 - one portion for today - one in the fridge for tomorrow - two in the freezer! (Although this depends on portion size - sometimes I get six!). Ring the changes - a ragu (for spag Bol) can become a chilli - or a curry - cottage pie etc.


I try that sometimes but just two portions as i am not the worlds greatest "freezer" so one portion left for day after and i can get by being veggy through the week and am loving lentils and beans, need to buy some smaller baking dishes, that may help with portion size, cooking is one of my hobbies so enjoy planning and preparing dishes so can make some good midweek vegetarian meals, thank you for getting back to me, its good to know someone is there to help x


Its all about finding what works for you, i calorie count, i eat between 1200-1400cals per day, i love the app as im able to plan snacks and meals in advance so i have full control over my food. Walking is a great exercise to get you started, i try and walk loads everyday, a pedometer would help you track your steps, also swimming can be great for a workout which is low impact. You already have a love of exercise and being outdoors, so thats a good start, could use anything as exercise as long as your staying active, even gardening can help. I try and walk to and around town at least twice a week, window shopping can also keep you walking longer and dont even notice because your mind is preoccupied but can hurt your bank account if your like me and cant help buy the odd thing lol. Good luck i wish you all the best


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