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how many calories

just checked calories, according to bmi test I should have 1439-1851 calories a day. I classed myself inactive, although I try to walk most days,i work part time , run a house and do all the gardening. last week I had roughly 1350 a day, could not having enough my weight gain > exactly how many should I have, the bmi range from 1439-1851 is not very specific, can anyone help ?

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You should use an app on your phone such as FatSecret, that will tell you how much you can eat every day according to your level of activity that day.

I recommend you to read this article, as I think it will help you understand how to start losing weight: 12wbt.com/nutrition/how-man...


Thank you


I eat 1400 cals per day, i find its more than enough if i use the right kind of foods, and as long as the daily amount of calories you use is higher then what you eat you should lose weight. Everybody is different, find what is the right level for you, try eating 1800 per day for a week if you dont lose try 1700 etc.. some people find varying the daily amount helps too, most sites i find tell me different amounts, so i stuck to the nhs plan, and what i read in a book by jillian michaels. Hope you find what works for you. Good luck


I try 1400 to 1500 calories...if more tend to but weight back on...but everyone different...good luck..


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