Looking for a weight loss buddy

Hi there. I'm in my fifties. Yoyo dieted since my 20's. Got about 8 stone to lose. Want to shift the flab once n for all. Even been on Biggest loser. got to stop trying to lose weight quickly and learn how to do it sensibly with lifetime changing habits not diets. Would particularly like a buddy in the anfield area of liverpool if theres a possibility of a meet up to walk and talk about shifting the weight with the focus on good health. Anyone up for the challenge to change our lives????? Carol


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  • Hi Carol,

    I have been saying I will lose weight since I was in my 20's. I am now 45 and at least 5 stones overweight and fed up with it! I live in Aintree so not far from you... I work full time so find it difficult to exercise daily. I'm sure if I put my mind to it and get going then this will no longer be an excuse!

    I will be your buddy - we can help each other!

  • Hiya Lucy. Thanks for replying so quickly. I replied last night but the message just dissapeared LOL. Now if only losing weight was that easy. Yep if we could encourage each other and share any tips etc , commiserate on are rough days that would be really helpful. I'm not looking for a quick fix Lucy as Ive done that and put it back on with extra. I want to make changes i can live with not see it as a diet. One thing I am having some luck with is a nutribullet. My mum got it for me and I wouldnt ordinarily dream of eating spinach etc everyday but I have found it easy to substitute my half 11 mornin binge on a packet of biscuits with a fruit/veg 20/80pc smoothie. i am trying to brainwash myself as well. reading plenty etc about good health. You know its easy to blame everyone else but ourselves sometimes for our weight but i do think that if the government did the same kind of campaigning as it did in the war to get people to behave in a certain way and applied it to getting us all to think differently about lifestyle, it would really make a difference. You know what its like ya having a good day eating wise and then ya see a bloomin chocolate advert and heyho next thing ya know ya fancying some and bang goes ya diet. LOL. So I say ban all crap food ads and make fruit/veg cheaper etc. Let me know what a typical days food is for you and a bit of your diet/weight history. maybe we should write down reasons we want to lose weight and think about where and why we have been sucessful in the past. Maybe even set each other some challenges, just little things like seeing if we can not add sugar to anything for a week or going up n down the stairs 2-3 times in one go. I know plenty of ways to lose weight fast but nothing on how to change my lifestyle forever and keep the weight off. Let me know your thoughts and experiences so far and what you would like to achieve. I'm going to the Brink on Sunday, its in town on Parr street. Its a non alcoholic drink place. But theyre having some fella who's lost his weight and gained his life back through juicing. I dont wanna fall into the trap of yet another gimmick but i'm hoping by watching his talk that it will motivate me. Have a look on the net and see what you think. I'll let you know how it goes. anyway Lucy, hope i havent prattled on too much. Have a good day and hope to hear from ya soon. carol

  • Hi Carol,

    I have just sat down for the night - will be in bed in an hour! I looked into the nutribullet but not sure if I'll use it - and a few people have complained about it's quality - breaking down easily. I have been better at this healthy lifestyle lark since I tried the 5 2 diet which made me realise that I won't pass out if I don't eat. I lost some weight doing that and still try to do it on an ad hoc basis. I have kept that weight off so far. My worst problems are portion size and not being able to stop eating once I start - especially over the weekend. My husband and I had a 'dry january' and are aiming to do the same in march. Doing no exercise is my problem.. I drive all day in my job and only have an hour or 2 at most later in the evenings. I am off at weekends but this time is taken up with family and housework . I think giving up rubbish and doing more exercise is a bit like giving up cigarettes - the more times you try - the better chance of success. Anyway, I have probably bored you now so hopefully we will be in touch soon.


  • all sounds really positive Lucy (youve kept weight youve lost off, you know what the problems are with portion size and you remain optimistic). My husband and friend did well with the 5/2 losing weight gradually over a year but now theyve stopped doing it (post christmas out of habit) the weights back on. If youve had success with it, and its obviously givin you confidence that you can fast, then you should keep trying with it. You say you dont get much time to exercise.... well have a watch of the other horizon programmes mosley did besides the 5/2 diet research as it showed that very intense 10 mins exercise just as good as slogging it out for longer. Maybe you could commit to just 10 mins a day (actually I think the research suggested twice a week) and get the same benefits. Its alright me preaching and suggesting though to you, I could do with having a stern talk to meself eh. Youre right about the nutri bullet, it has had some problems but I quite like getting all that good stuff down me neck in a drink. If I didnt have to cook for family (11 of us in the house), I would probably just juice my way through losing weight). It would get the weight off but I am trying to avoid 'gimmicks' and learn a normal way to eat. I dont know about you but i am almost obsessed with food. Like a bloomin addict. I dont know how food can have such a hold on me. Other people dont seem to think about it so much. Its just fuel to them. You say you need portion control. I do find eating out of a smaller bowl/plate helps. Eating slower of course and chewing properly. Soups always fill ya up well. Dieticians reckon half the time we think were hungry were actually thirsty so perhaps more water? Gettin back to the exercise though, making it part of your daily routine seems the best way. Ya know the sort of stuff like taking the stairs rather than the lift, gettin off the bus earlier. Maybe have a think how you could do something different that could be a lifetime habit change that you could sustain into daily life. enough of me anyway Lucy. You sound like ya lifes busy and finding the time for yourself and your own needs and priorities must be hard and yet if you dont look after yaself I bet all thiose around ya you look after would fall apart. Keep trying Lucy. Keep thinking of all the reasons you want to be lighter and healthier. carol

  • I'm sorry I'm not ticking many of the boxes, but if there's anything I can do to support, please ask :-)

  • Oh I do wish you lived closer, I to struggle and walking with a friend would be great, but I live in crewe. It's so much easier to walk and talk with someone. Good luck. 😃

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