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Hi, I started yesterday (Sunday) and am using the five and two weight loss programme. I've got my head round most of it and to make sure I stick to it I am being sponsored and raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. My boss is setting up a just giving page for me so I'll let you know how I'm getting on.

I'm now on my second day and working nights so today is a bit weird. However, I'm using the fact that I'll be sleeping tomorrow to make it my first fast day (a bit of a cheat going on) but I hope it works!! Good luck to all you good people on this journey to better health!! Speak soon

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  • Well done you! 5:2 is brilliant - I lost three stone in six months.

  • Good luck with everything!

  • All the very best to you. Xxx

  • Good luck hope you reach your goal and raise a lot of money for great ormond street

  • Thank you to all who answered my post. I'm sorry for not replying sooner but I couldn't find my original post!! How do you find it quickly?? I have to keep going back and going through all the posts until I get to mine!! :-(

    As for my weight loss - I'm quite stunned!! In 3 days I lost enough to do up the bottom button on my blouse for work for the first time!! Doesn't sound much but now I feel neater and that makes me feel better. I have noticed that my stomach doesn't seem as big and my clothes are more comfortable!! Wish I'd done this ages ago!

  • And that's not even checking how much weight I have lost but just going by how my clothes feel!! Sorry for the extra post but I hit the wrong key and published before I'd finished writing. :-(

  • Good luck Sopmarfree, I cant wait for my clothes to feel loose, I know how you feel about the bottom button I have the same problem.

  • Hi junijack, I am staggered as I only started last Sunday! Mind you, I am loving the food I am eating and so glad I I'm not eating rubbish or too much like I used to!! Thank you so much for replying to my posts 😊

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