Just signed up for this. I just stepped on the scales and I'm shocked. I am 12 stone 4lbs. I need to lose 3 stone to get back to where I was before the weight crept on. I've never joined an online community before but I read they can really help you achieve your goals so here goes. I hope I get support and advice to help me get there. My first goal is to lose 1 stone to run a 10k in June in under an hour. I was close last year but hope a decent weight loss will help me achieve that.


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  • I downloaded MyFitnessPal to help with calorie counting and portion control ... You can do this 🌻

  • Lol just using it now to count my cals. Thanks so much for your support....seems such a long way to go but determined to do this. Good luck with your week x

  • No, you do not need to loose weigh. What you mean by saying 'loose weight' is L̲o̲o̲s̲e̲ ̲F̲a̲t. Your body weight changes all the time, try the scale after a nice long shower; most likely you will be heavier. This also goes for how much hair you have, how much your clothes weigh and a few more. DO NOT BE PUT OFF BY HOW MUCH YOU WEIGH. IF THE CLOTHES FIT YOU ARE DOING WELL.

    The first step is to learn the fundamental equation of fat loss: F̲a̲t̲ ̲L̲o̲s̲s̲ ̲=̲ ̲C̲a̲l̲o̲r̲i̲e̲s̲ ̲i̲n̲ ̲V̲S̲ ̲C̲a̲l̲o̲r̲i̲e̲s̲ ̲O̲u̲t.

    1 Pound of Fat is approx 3500 calories, so if you eat 1,500 calories a day and exercise for 1 hour a day (running, cycling medium) you will loose approx 2 pounds a week.

    Also never set yourself a goal of more than 4 pounds a week otherwise you will feel down and put off.

    BTW - here is a calorie calculator that tells you how much you burn:

  • - And Best of Luck :D

  • You don't LOOSE anything, you LOSE weight in order that your clothes are LOOSE.

  • good luck, my second weigh in is tomorrow.Its the longest ive managed to stick at a plan. Have not been as hungry at all this week, despite being more active. Just hope ive lost something this week.

  • Good luck. Hope weigh in goes well today. Fingers crossed for you. 😃

  • I was exactly the same starting weight as you, 12 stone 4 pounds. Six months later, thanks to the 5:2 Diet, I was 9 stone 4 pounds!

    This was after watching Michael Mosley's excellent Horizon programme in 2012, "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" or and went from a size 16 to a size 10 by eating 500 calories two non-consecutive days a week. I've been maintaining my weight loss since April 2013 by just fasting one day a week - in the past I piled the weight back on as soon as I finished 'dieting'. I'd very much recommend you read Kate Harrison's book, "The 5:2 Diet" ( - it really does work and it will save you a fortune (towards your smaller clothes!).

    I'd very much recommend a free app for your phone called MyFitnessPal. Counting calories is very important so you can see how much you're eating and therefore eat mindfully rather than mindlessly. There are excellent videos in the Help section on the app that show you how it works - there's even a barcode reader to scan in branded foods.

    It's important you don't eat more than your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) on non-fasting days. You can work that out here If yours works out at more than 2000 then aim at 2000 on non-fasting days.

    Here I am in the Daily Mail on 7th January The other two ladies’ stories are inspiring!

    Here Michael Mosley answers many questions on it

    This little video explains more

  • Thanks for keeping us 'old' members reminded of this, I have slowly lost my 2stone excess by eating normally but calorie counting (with MFP ).

    Now Im exactly 10st, nearly 63 and 5'5 with a healthy BMI of 23. Admittedly another 5lbs off might be nice to give me a bit of leeway, but not vital.

    Your link made me check that version of TDEE calculator and mine seems to be only 1649 for lightly active (some weeks I can be more active but not regularly). So thats not as generous as I thought and will keep this in mind now for my maintenance.

    (I havent ruled out 5:2 or 6:1 for this, just not yet sure how it will fit into my partners and my routine, but will see.)

    Thanks for your ongoing advice to everyone!

  • Thanks. I did try 5:2 once but I didn't get on well with it. It's still on my radar though so I'm going to follow your posts to see how you get on. Really inspiring that you lost that weight in a relatively short time. I'm going to count cals and exercise just now but might go back to 5:2 at some point, think there's a lot of sense to that way of eating. Thanks x

  • I've been the same weight now, 9 stone 4 pounds since April 2013. I weigh myself on Saturday mornings so I know whether to fast one day or two the following week. With other diets I'd stop actively 'dieting' and pile the weight straight back on again. Do watch the Horizon programme - fasting is so beneficial for your health.

  • Sounds like me. Also 12st 4. I lost 2st 2 years ago but all back on again. Started back to exercise classes and want to run 5k in May downloaded Couch to 5k to help. Desperate to get to size 12 by summer. Need to lose 3stone. Good luck.

  • Good luck thinat60. I will follow your posts so we can spur each other on. I was this weight after I had my kids and lost it all with weight watchers but it's all gone back on since I stopped going. Want to try and do this the old fashioned way ie sensible eating and exercise. Can't have another summer hiding on the beach! 🌅

  • Just done my first run. I'm using app to make sure I build up and don't lose motivation. I go to cardio combat and kettlecise but eat too much in between. Am aiming for 10k run in June not 5k.

    Beach body here we come

  • Ditto. I go to the gym too and eat quite healthily except between meals. Cutting out the rubbish and setting a goal of 2lbs loss for this week. Will let you know how I get on next Monday.

  • Good luck

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