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Low-Fat Thinking Problems?

I've written this as a post so as not to hijack/challenge particular members, as that is not my intent.

Focussing on low-calorie foods has some real flaws. Suppose you eat 400 kcals of low-kalorie food for breakfast and you are full, in fact over-full. Yet within a couple of hours, you are hungry again. You can even have that unpleasant feeling of having a full stomach, but being hungry? Then some bright spark comes along and tells you it's because of habit.

Your body is primed to forage for food if you lack certain nutrients, and this is regulated by hormones for instance. Potentially, you could be filling yourself with these low calorie foods six times a day, seldom being truly free from hunger.

Now suppose you eat 500 kcals of satisfying foods for breakfast. By lunch-time you still aren't hungry, and eat 500 kcals of carefully chosen satisfying foods (because you are able to make sensible decisions, not influenced by an insatiable appetite), and similarly with your evening meal.

Which strategy is more likely to result in being able to manage our weight?

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The strategy for me is simple, not to think that I can eat what I want, when I want all the time.

Therefore, I have to re-educate my mind and maybe body to be satisfied with meals that are appropriate for me to stay in a healthy body weight range, nourished to keep me healthy and to have the occasional 'treat' without falling into bad habits. Ultimately, I hope that I can decide on my intake without counting every calorie. That is why I am on the plan, giving myself achievable goals each week that will hopeful see success.

I don't necessarily look for low-calorie foods, but I do research how much calories certain foods have that I have always believed to be healthy etc. Such as crunchy oat bars advertised as a healthy snack but infact have 130 cals. An orange at 32 calories is much more nicer.

I also feel that why I eat the way I do is extremely complicated and over the years I have brainwashed myself to think I was doing no wrong, so re-educating myself on good choices will hopefully work for me.

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Good luck mum1955.


Keep you posted.


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