5/2 diet

Well i was talking to my son, who heavily into fitness about my lack of weight loss and he said,

" mum you should try the 5/2 diet, hmmm i was intrigued and duly went off to do my research, now it just so happened my hubby, who medically retired, he has a degenerative illness, was told by our GP that he needs to loss weight and he hates diets, so this diet would appear to be for use.

well firstly the fun we had working out what you can eat on the 500 days, we quickly learnt via the internet, slim pasta,rice etc and holland and Barret were having a buy one get one free deal, we sticked up.

so preparation the night before is definitely needed as i busy running around at work ,if i dont have lunch prepared its straight to the snack cupboard.

so far we have lost 8llbs between us ,we he likes it because its only two days of dieting but we actively plan healther meals in between. Ive noticed on diet days, the next day i wake incredible early, i.e 4.30 am , not hungry just cant sleep, cant work it out yet.

will keep people posred.


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17 Replies

  • Hi Hackney1

    I'm glad to read about your positive experience with the 5:2 diet. I also lost my weight using this diet and have been able to remain at my target weight for over a year. The problem I had with previous diets was that I could loose weight whilst on the diet but put it back on when I went back to normal.

    One previous diet in which I lost weight was the 'inverse' diet. In this diet I needed to eat my main meal at breakfast, then have a light lunch and very light dinner. I did loose weight, but I couldn't sustain trying to eat roasts or pasta at breakfast time. So when I went back to eating normal breakfasts I put the weight on again :-(

    I think to be able to loose weight and stay that weight you need to change your diet lifestyle. I find it easier to have 2 days to focus on during the week so that I don't have to worry about dieting the rest of the week.

    Good luck with your diet - Hope it continues working for you!

  • Thank you so much for the words of encouragement I really like the fact two days can be spread over seven days,

    will keep you posted

  • I think it may be the planning healthier meals which is helping you the most.

  • Yes that's probably helping and the fact hubby doing it with me means that we are encouraging each other and keeping us both on track, we are slightly competitive lol

  • Empty out the snack cupboard! It's Lent. Don't throw it all away, just take it to your nearest food bank.

  • The problem with that is these poor people that are dependant on food banks for their survival will be eating junk. Actually, since most of the stuff they get given already has such a long shelf-life, that's already the case, it'll just become more overt!

  • When you don't have any food, there is no such thing as junk foo d.

  • I'm not sure how you meant that; I was referring to a consequential lowered life-expectancy.

  • I think that food not wanted should be at least offered to food banks, i guess weighing up the potential shortened life expentancy of poor nutritional food verses the health risk of being exposed to stress,should not out weight the impact of money worries and inability to feed one self or family on life expentancy.

  • That's such a good idea, going to do that today,

  • It's good to hear you have found something that works for you, but do take care, especially as your husband has health issues. Calorie restriction causes stress to the body, which is ok if you are healthy. Although Fasting has been used for centuries by certain groups, it is usually an infrequent activity, and not done on a weekly basis.

  • Thanks Pene For the words of advice, I'm certainly keeping an eye on hubby health and monitoring how he's responding, have added a B6 and B12 vitamins. In hid diet as well as a vitamin C

  • Hi Hackney1!

    I am starting this tomorrow x

    I have cheated a little and brought the lighter life 5:2 range x

    I intend to buy the range untill I'm in full swing x

    Look forward to seeing your progress and all the healthy changes made x

    Good luck x

  • Check the long list of ingredients in Lighter Life products! Not healthy.

  • Hi Lozz

    I am not sure if it is worth trying to cheat with lighter life. Have a look at following three threads showing problems that kirby had doing this.




    The 5:2 diet is fairly simple, so it is best to eat healthy wholesome filling meals. Ideally cooked by yourself, but you can buy ready made soups and other meals.

    Good luck xx

  • Thanks Lozz84ie

    really excited to do this diet , thank goodness it was not my 500 Calorie day as I went to my nephew birthday party and although I was mindful I did have cake, healthy eating Tomorrow.

  • Hi penel

    I understand it may contain bad bits but my diet is disgusting so anythings got to be better 😳

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