Hi I am about to start this program - will do a healthy shop tomorrow and start properly on Monday - and wondered if there is anyone else starting now too? I really want to lose 20 lbs which have crept on since I gave up smoking 18 months ago. I'm 44 and feeling old and frumpy which is no good! My downfalls are that I love cooking, love drinking wine, and also tend to snack when I'm bored or feeling upset. It would be great to do a weight loss journey with other people to keep the motivation up.


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  • Hi there, I joined last Monday, so far so good ... Also downloaded MyFitnessPal to count and record the calories, which is definitely helping keep me on track!

    Here's to a successful weight loss journey x

  • Well done a successful first week! I will download my fitness pal that's a good idea for keeping on track.

    Good luck for this week keep on it!

  • Snap, to all of the above! im on my second week and have about that to lose,i really struggled last week and one day over ate and didn't count calories, however I lost 3lb! I love to cook,but I now know my portion sizes had crept up, reduced portions and felt better, not stuffed.I also love wine and struggled to only have a glass or two when I open a bottle.somehow ive managed to make a bottle I opened Friday last 3 nights . I like having the 12 week plan its something concrete to work with.Good luck

  • I started today, weighing 159lbs aiming for 140lbs but will be delighted if I just start losing some every week. I love to cook, love chocolate and snack a lot so trying 3 meals and fruity snacks. Plan to weigh in every Friday....good luck everyone I'm nearly 40 so this is my motivation

  • Well done 3 lbs is really good! Keep on it!

    I'm going to buy some simple little electronic scales to keep on the work top and measure all the portions when I'm cooking as I know that I am cooking way too much of stuff, at the moment I only have my Mums old scales which although pretty are huge old fashioned ones which belong in an antique shop and I can never be bothered to use them!

    I will weigh myself tomorrow eek for start off but I think I will do my weekly weigh in on a Friday as I find weekends hardest so am more likely to keep motivated if I do it like that.

    Good luck for this week!

  • I think I replied to your post on another thread, oops!

    Great that there seems to be a group of us all starting around now, it really helps with the motivation. I too am liking a structured 12 week plan. Good luck for this week!

  • Hello everyone, I am starting today. Made a healthy shopping list and now off to go for a walk. Planning to weigh in every Friday. Good luck!!

  • Good luck! I'm planning on doing my weekly weigh ins on Fridays too. I am liking the idea of doing a structured 12 week plan which will fingers crossed have a good result. For far too long I have been messing around doing diets for a couple of days then over eating afterwards which is rubbish. I'm going to plan plan plan on this one!

    Good luck for the week ahead.

  • good luck

  • Gosh emma44 apart from age that is so me. Starting tomorrow after weekend preparing. Hoping for motivational support to get me going and keeping going. Good luck.

  • I'll be 39 this month and there is something about approaching the big 4 0 that is in my motivation ... But a few friends have each lost 2 stone on Slimming World - Having found the NHS 12 week plan and MyFitnessPal I feel like I am in control ... I had been dreading the weekend, but so far so good!! Weigh day tomorrow, so we'll see 😉

  • Hi All,

    Well weekend over and not too bad at all, got out for 45mins walk/attempted run both days, wont get out now till next sat morning but plan on doing whatever I can during the week. I think the Friday weigh in is good for me too as if I have lost by Friday i'll be less likely to eat junk and be more motivated to exercise again. Good luck everyone.

  • Hi Emma I'm emma. To and I'm 44 you could of been writing that post about me! Only exception is I don't drink so I can't blame that. I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life BMI of 30 not good feel fat frumpy and totally un healthy I'm a mess. I'm starting this tomorrow I can't go on feeling like this I want my life back and I want to be happy as I fel totally miserable right now. Do you fancy supporting each other since we are starting out at the same time, hopefully we can spur each other on my will power isn't great any way I'm off to empty the cupboards of all the c@%p! 😊

  • Hi Emmylou! Yes lets support each other, I am feeling really determined and will be sooo pissed off with myself if I fail on this. I did a scary first weigh in this morning and was 6 pounds heavier than I thought! Ooops!

    Try and be kind to yourself it is great that you want to make changes, it won't all happen over night but I think 12 weeks is realistic for seeing some changes take place and I am sure we will manage! Perhaps we should pick a little goal like losing half a stone and then have a reward for it like buy a little bit of jewellery or something to remember it by.

    How is your first day? I am starving although I have eaten plenty of fruit, veg and soup. I am trying to keep busy (don't work on Mondays) and went swimming and also took dogs for a long walk. Nightmare when children came back from school as they had hot cross buns, I didn't, and had to act like it didn't bother me, my 14 year old can get a bit obsessive about her looks so I don't want to set her off on one of her calorie obsessions. Work tomorrow which should be easier as I won't be able to get my hands on food, I will pack a sensible lunch to take with me. But am sitting all the time so no exercise.

    You take care of yourself and keep in touch!

  • Well weighed in this morning and wasn't quite as bad as I thought - although still lots to do. Planned today's food so have arrived to the office with porridge for breakfast and a jacket potato and cottage cheese for lunch. Have to have a meeting in a community café this morning so hoping the porridge will fill me up so I won't be tempted with scone/sandwich etc. Making sure I weigh food and log the calories as I go along so no excuse this evening. Feeling optimistic.

  • Well done that sounds really organised! I had a disastrous first weigh in, I was 6 pounds heavier than what I thought I was! Has made me feel even more determined though. All good so far, me too am weighing everything. Feeling pretty hungry but I think I'll live.

  • Well day 2 nearly done and even managed to get to the gym today for the first time in what is probably a month. Feeling optimistic and have stocked the fridge and shelves with healthier options so as not to have too much temptation. Thursday will the test - evening meeting for work that always begins with sandwiches etc - so really need to have a plan for that.

  • Perhaps take a bowl of carrot sticks cucumber etc and a healthy dip for everyone to share too, and try not to touch the sandwiches, its so hard to only have one. Have a filling lunch so you can do it. I am actually not feeling as hungry now, I think I have got used to eating smaller portions, hooray!

    Keep at it and well done going to the gym!

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