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Will Power

It's all down to will power,

Don't :- Drink booze, eat chocolate or any sweets, give up tea and coffee, give up takeaways, stop getting depressed about your weight.

Do :- Start walking everywhere, eat loads of fruit and veg, drink lots of water when you feel hungry, grill or poach all meat, eat porridge milk/water in the morning, sort out portion sizes by weighing what you eat, start swimming or running or walking or lifting weights, Squatting is using your biggest muscle in you body so do it up and down without any weights use your own body weight just bend your knees and straighten simples........

Easy right ?


Well that's what I'm doing and I've lost nearly a stone, my blood pressure was over 150 a month ago just done it this morning 121/88 so getting there and my weight from 15st 11lb to 15st 1lb, I was considered Obese but i'm doing it because my dad dies at 57 and I'm 47 so I was on the same road as him.

Not anymore.


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Just what I needed this morning, thanks! Been telling myself it's all about choices, which only I can sabotage .... Here's to the right choices! Keep up your good work!


great. Let us all try to follow your good example.



You've just written my plan of action..




Eating satisfying 'real' whole-foods, and not eating processed foods that over-stimulate your appetite, helps to reinforce 'willpower'.


Glad that it is working for you. However, most people would find your approach quite scary! Your advice " " dont drink booze or eat chocolate, give up takeaways " etc would not be sustainable for most people. Losing weight and KEEPING IT OFF will only happen by learning how to CONTROL one's eating longer term, not by banning any particular foods but by balancing the Food In / Energy Out . Denial is doomed to fail longer term.

Like you I lost both parents in their fifties. I am 62. Last April I was 2 stone

overweight, 28 surplus pounds that I'd accumulated over twenty years. I also had high blood pressure ( at its worst 178 /110 ) I have slowly, safely lost all of this 2 stone and my BMI is down to 23. Not by banning some foods, just by making healthy choices where possible but still allowing anything in moderation, and keeping to a net calorie maximum of 1300-1400 a day....

I still have glasses of wine, the odd chinese meal, the cream cake .... but all are counted in , by using the 'myfitnesspal' app, which has been my life saver. I am now two months at target weight and have slowly increased calories per day to 1700 to maibtain, and still walking as much as poss. This is not a diet, it is for life! Good luck , you are obviously losing weight too and hopefully we will both keep it off well into old age. 😊


Wonderful 'sensible' post ellibath! Enjoyed reading it . Love trier

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Thank you Trier. I speak as one who tried allsorts in the past but this is the first time Ive succeeded and managed to do it without alienating my partner or my social friends! Sincerlely hopeyou do well with your weight loss journey too. :)


That's only true if you actually believe you're missing out on something. I don't believe what the food industry tells me, and eat what I like, just not cakes etc.

Double cream is very satisfying for instance; you don't need the sugar to go with it.

You're right that changes should be for life. How can you stick to 1400 kcalories per day for life? Real food is the way, not some app.


I agree nobody should try and stick to a low calorie diet for life, but the knowledge and awareness is for life!

A low calorie diet for one person is not the same as for another person. The amount of calories we need to lose or maintain will vary with our age, activity level and current size.

As I said, I lost all my excess weight on approx 1400 net calories a day (thats net after exercise ) , then 1300 for the final half stone. Now I have reached my goal weight I want to maintain it, and the amount my body needs to stay the same appears to be around 1700 for my age, size etc.

A younger, active taller woman can probably maintain her weight on 2000 , but not all of us can.

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Yep you are right turning over a new leaf is the only way, but, to make it stick, and I am one of them, going cold turkey on everything won't suit everybody, but, understanding your calorific intake and your calorific expenditure are key, and for me knowing what is in the food(or crap food :D) I eat makes my decisions for the day easier.

If I have a bag of crisps know that whatever else I eat has to have less calories in the other meals, budgeting for the day, what I do is to spend longer walking, running or swimming, I know that not everyone has the time, making time is the key.

Now we could all pussy foot around the idea that we all have a medical disorder, and there are genuine cases I know, taking a real hard look into what we eat on a day to day basis is not an easy step and being honest with oneself and accepting that the majority of people just eat the wrong food.

Now my comment

" dont drink booze or eat chocolate, give up takeaways "

is supported by the fact that they are all laced with Calories and fat and other addictive chemicals that make you want to more of them, and cuttng them out will not only save your body but also your bank balance.

Fair play to you for loosing the weight but you are advocating what I say in the short term " dont drink booze or eat chocolate, give up takeaways " in the long term once the weight is off it's your choice to go back to " DO drink booze or eat chocolate, give up takeaways " but you will be back where you started :D

Once you get to your ideal weight changing from 1400 loose weight calorific profile to a 1700 maintain calorific profile is when you might have the discipline to take it or leave it with "booze or eat chocolate, give up takeaways"

Whatever works for you I use Noom app on my phone it links with cardio trainer so the more waking or other excercise I do automatically calculates the additional calories I need for the day, I'm a man 47 weighed 15st 11lb now 14st 10lb, have lapses of course.

But in the for long run and being honest with myself bad daily choices made me fat and I understand that we are all different but we all make those choices daily.

So what's good for the Goose isn't always good for the Gander, but, take a hard look at get a phone app and log everything you eat, even a sachet of sugar or a splodge of tomato ketchup to my favourite a tube or pringles it will make you see we are what we eat.



Done exactly what you have done Stu. Hit the gym 6 times a week also. Total change in lifestyle for the better. I was 27 and a half stone and now sitting at 16 stone 8. Some time radical change is needed to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Doesn't mean you can never have all those things, just everything in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Well done for your commitment!


Well well done you ! Inspirational !


Well done on your progress so far - and your very positive attitude will see you through. I agree with elliebath about not 'banning' certain things. I have lost 2 stone and have only managed by allowing myself anything I like - but counted in as part of my daily allowance. If I was to ban anything I would feel deprived and miserable - so the knowledge that anything goes - in moderation has made weight loss - and hopefully keeping it off - possible.

Good luck - keep posting to let us know how you are getting on.

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Well done Walkthisway....your method worked for me too. Tonight we should raise a glass of something nice, to ours and everyones future success!

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Couldn't agree more! I have another stone to go yet - just taking it slowly - I will get there in the end.

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So, morning again, I've been a bit of a yo yo person the last few days, walked passed my local tube station on thethe next and get off one early and, Porridge with Water in the morning keeps the metabolism going and fills your tummy but there ain't many calories in it unfortunately doesn't taste great but hey ho I'm not too bothered :D

I use loads of herbs and garlic and spices to give my food flavour so, Spicey Garlic Chicken wings:-


Garlic, (chopped the squished with a large knife)



Mixed herbs

Put the stuff above into a bowl give a quick mix chuck in the chicken wings mix till chicken is covered, drop onto a grill tray in a metal oven dish (so the fat drains out) and give them about 25 mins in an oven of about 200c.

Serve with Salad with Balsamic vinegar as a salad dressing :D



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