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Hi all, this is my starting milestone

Hi all, I am Marlok and today I want start my 12 weeks program to lose weight.

It will be a good challenge because I like enjoy the food, and I am quiet sedentary.

I have taken this decision after a heel pain: my body is telling me to come back to a healty lifestyle.

The Pentland landscape are suggesting me a good achievement: I have to prepare my body to be able to hike that hills without problems, from May.

So I have 8 weeks to prepare myself to manage a good walking in the mountain. After the 12 weeks program, I set as a goal to going mountain regolarly twice a month, for a 6-10 hours hiking.

For this first week I set as mini goal for myself:

- introduce almost 30 minutes in my home-work journey

- introduce a porridge based breakfast (any suggestions to swap recipe are welcomes :P )

- buy a kitchen scale to track my portions

- try to keep as a dinner meal the soups

Thanks for the support and the patience to understand my English, this will be another achievement to reach :P

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Sounds like a plan! Go for it! Don't forget to weigh your porridge too!


Thank for the advice and the support :)


It's good to have a plan, especially with something positive to work towards ... Good luck!


Thank for the support :)


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