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I really struggle with getting motivated to do the exercise, as for healthy eating I tend to stick to it for a few days then cant stop myself from having the odd chocolate bar or 2. I have a fussy husband who does not eat rice or pasta so every meal normally contains potatoes. My 2 year old is having a fussy stage 1 day she will eat the next I'm lucky if she will eat at all. How do you get motivated, how do people stick to it. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated.

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You may find that if you have a special occasion, such as a birthday, a wedding or even just a holiday, coming up that it'll give you that bit more of an incentive to lose weight. Of course, looking better, feeling better and being more healthy overall are perfectly good reasons by themselves. If you get used to counting calories, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how well you can eat and still lose weight. If it's chocolate you want, have some, but make sure it's part of your daily calorie intake, not on top of it. If you need someone to nag you incessantly, let me know. Good luck!


Wrote a rambling post to you that seems to have disappeared Into the ether! Bottom line is - tomorrow is my gym day - was thinking can I be bothered - saw your post a a said YES I will be motivated - and so can you! Let's do it!


A busy hectic life can get in the way, but ultimately losing weight is for you, you deserve to be put first now and then, just because your partner has potato, doesnt mean you have to, have whatever you want me and my partner tend to have the same main thing i.e. chicken, pork etc then different sides i have cous cous, salad etc he has chips or something, find a compromise that works for you both. As for motivation you have a two year old that relys on you, without sounds harsh if your not around your no good to anyone. Your health, happiness and self confidence is just as important. The odd chocolate treat isnt going to hurt, as long as you stick to the plan you can still enjoy treats and be fitter. Wish you all the best


Write a chart with proposed healthy well balanced meals. Hubby can adjust it on three days of the week, daughter can adjust it one day of the week. Then if they eat it : good. If they do not eat it, let them starve. They will soon learn. bin it or serve it again the next meal. Good luck.


Hi there. Write down the 'personal' reasons why you want to lose this weight, if for instance it's health, expand on what exactly, like do you have a chronic back problem that would be improved if you lost weight (example) or if fashion is your thing could it be you really want to break out of the common uniform for being overweight ( loose trousers & tips) your motivation needs to be personal to you not for your husband or anyone else. And there's your motivation....... Read it when your feeling it's hard going to remind yourself of your motivation. Chocolate bar ? A healthy diet can include your chocolate, chocolate is not the anti Christ here ! Personally I go without because I overeat, but if you can be satisfied with a small funsize bar a day, have it ! What you LOVE has to be incorporated into your plan, even if the quantities are reduced or you'll feel deprived and miserable and find the plan near impossible to stick too....try switching 'exercise' for activity 😀 exercise for me has sweaty rigorous overtones while 'activity' sounds just more doable doesn't it 😀 good plain honest walking is activity, cheap, easy and measurable, I think it's underrated as a form of exercise ( yuck) activity... and you can take your little 'uns, it can be a gentler way of getting motivated but still ticking the exercise boxes ! I walk two miles a day with my lil ( much loved border collie ) when I first started I moaned and winged and ached, now I do it easily.... Small steps in all ways, your probably sick of hearing that, but there is a reason why it's said.

You can do it ! Xxxx

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