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Patience and hold fast there neddy!

It's hard ! 49 years of not eating properly, and here I am on week three and my body and head feel disorientated ! Both wonder what the hell is going on 😳. A total overhaul of my diet is huge in all ways, 49 years so it shouldn't be confusing but it is. I 'think' this is part of re-educating myself, a period of change. I am reaching for fruit but part of me wants something else, usually sweet, but when I have it, my body doesn't really want it ? I AM getting used to eating healthier, that's the thing, that's the thing I'm grappling with..... This period of change I deduce just has to be chipped away at.... it's all part of 'the change' I really hope this gets easier as I feel in limbo at the moment. One positive thing is I really do feel I'm being much kinder to my body, and that feels good; I keep a food log and at the end of the day I look at it to check how I've done for fruit and veg & exercise, and I feel good looking at it ( not being smug here honestly, I struggle like lots of you too ! ) I wonder if there've been any studies done on how long it takes to change your mindset , you know, reach ( naturally ) for fruit as a snack rather than a piece of cheese for example ? I had a birthday meal last Friday, ( cooked by me!) and yeah it was lovely BUT, my body would have been happier with half and half, steak and salad , rather than steak with roasties, and peppercorn sauce. So, anyone out there going thru the same, hold steady , stick with it , and be aware it's just a period of change , we will come thru the other side ! 😉. My back is particularly bad at the moment, prolapsed discs in my back, so giving up isn't an option, being 16-3 is putting so much more strain on the poor old thing 😢. Hello to all my friends on here I haven't spoken to in a while, and all the new ladies and gentlemen who've just joined ! 😀

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