Really need motivation

I have been wanting to loose weight but every mornin I wake and sat to myself todays the day I'm gonna start loosin weight then by 7o clock in the mornin the hunger gets the best of me I cant afford to buy foods just for myself as I got another 4 people to feed tryed cuttin right down but as soon as I take one bite of something I cant stop till I feel sick I really need help as I really don't want to get any bigger


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  • I think you need a bit more time to plan what you are eating! I start with porridge - fills me up till lunch - then soups - not expensive at all! Try writing a food diary of what you eat now - then see what you can change!

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  • What types of things are you eating first thing? You say by 7oclock hunger steps in, what time are you usually up when this happens?

    Successful weight loss like most things in life benefits from Preparation and Planning, different methods work for different people people but a good place to start is to Plan your food the day before and then stick to it. When I first started I always knew what I was going to be eating for that whole day when I woke up, even if we planned to go out that day.

    I appreciate planning food on a budget can be very hard but real food does not always have to be expensive, you can buy a 1kg of Real Porridge Oats for less than £1 in most supermarkets and eggs can work out at 10p or less (budget/cooks eggs) each.

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  • Download the NHS 12 week plan to help you get organised. Don't let yourself get too hungry. There is no need to buy special food if you are on a diet, a lot of them are a real con and not worth the money.

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  • Hi Kimmy14, Can I start with a question? what form does your7am hunger take? If it's an uncomfortable feeling in your tummy try a cup of milk, if you feel dizzy a cup of water may help. Wait at least 5 minutes after each before deciding to eat. I by 1 kg packs of Sainsbury's Scottish Porridge oats but you need to let it soak for at least an hour before eating so feed the others while you are waiting and you may find you can wait even longer! It works for me.

    ps don't over do the portion size 4 or 5 dessert spoonfuls expands a lot as it soaks up the water.

    For a real though appetite reducer hold the 'plank" position (it's on this website) while you count to 30!

  • Its more of a thinkin bout food and cravin it more then anythin I try holdin off but up every mornin between 3 and 4 so by round 7 I cant get it out my head

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