Tips to stop pigging out

Hi all, I am starting the plan tomorrow. I was signed up to weightwatchers but wasn't particularly losing anything, so figured I would save money and give it a bash by myself. I plan on weighing in the morning and measuring myself.

If anyone has any tips on how to stop pigging out, that would be great. I seem to be craving junk food and fizzy drinks at the moment and keep giving in to temptation!

Just wondering how many calories per day people are trying to stick to? I know the site recommends about 1400, but I think I am going to allow myself 1500.

Really need to find some willpower from somewhere so wish me luck!......

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  • Porridge and soups with lots of veg! Keeps me full all day! Don't keep pigging out junk food in the house! Although I have a chocolate box for grandchildren - but it's theirs not mine! (And they are only allowed one mini treat per visit) - and fruit always available!

  • Thanks for the advice, Been food shopping this evening and bought soup, porridge and fruit. Just need to stick to it as struggle with that. How are you getting on?

  • Doing ok - nearing my target!! 5lbs to go! So it can be done - go for it! Don't they say the last 5lbs are the most difficult..... Hey ho let's see!

  • Don't guess your calorie intake. Use a BMR calculator from google and you'll get the calorie intake you need specific to you. Stick as near to that as you can daily and you'll lose. Excess water at first then the fat will come off. Fill up on low calorie foods such as veg, tuna, chicken, salads, some fruit and low cal yog, porridge made with water . . . hope you do well.

  • May I suggest that you find your triggers that make you eat and find an alternative, it may be a stock of healthy foods on hand, do a handicraft (such as knitting, not for all) go for a walk or have a bath.

    I also have a bad habit of eating in-between meals. My main problem is at night when all the family have gone to bed (staying up, watching TV and bingeing on anything going). My solution is easy, make sure I go to bed with the family. The temptation is very strong, but hopeful with a goal it will happen. I also found that every time i went out, as soon as I entered the door i went for a snack, so I made sure that the apple, pear or grapes was waiting for me on the side.

    Hope this helps.

  • I know exactly what you mean, my pigging out though is 7pm onwards which might only last about 1.5hrs but in that time I can eat/drink a days calorie allowance. During the day I'm fine, think its probably boredom cos I stay busy during day.

  • If you mean the fizzy drinks that are loaded with sugar, there's a big part of your problem.

  • I buy sugar free, I'm a stickler for watching out for sugar content in products!

  • Hi, thanks for all your replies. I have used a BMR calculator so haven't guessed, just got a different calorie intake suggestion on the NHS website. I am using my fitness pal to track. The fizzy drinks I was relating to are diet drinks but still no good. I love healthy food but find it hard to stick to eating it long term so this time I am determined. Just signed in a 15 stone 4 which is 214 pounds and my highest weight ever. I thinkiI will be talky g to you all a lot as need the support x

  • probably sounds awful but I wish I was that weight for starting off!

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