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So after a honest and meaningful chat with my mum today, I have weighed myself and am at my heaviest I have ever been and realise that I NEED to do something about my weight. My issue is willpower. I have a husband who could eat takeaways 5 times a day and not put a pound on - me, I have to look at a curry and I'm 2 stone heavier.

Can anyone advise breakfast ideas for a working mum who has to do the school run before work? I don't do breakfast but I know I should. I can't commit to eggs and omelette etc for breakfast as I don't have the time. Would a bowl of cornflakes suffice until lunch? Am I heading in the right direction?

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. I am determined to do this this time. Thank you.

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Cornflakes metabolise into Blood Sugar quite quickly meaning usually that give most people a boost of energy that soon leaves them feeling hungry after. If it must be cereal then real porridge oats are by far the best as they take longer to convert to glucose meaning you'll stay feeling full longer.

I understand how difficult mornings can be, with School Runs, work etc, but maybe part of your changes should also include making a few extra minutes for yourself, so you can get something nutritious to eat.

My Step-Daughter and her Husband are always at the rush first thing and they have Green Smoothies, which is basically, Tons of Baby Spinach Leaves, Ice, and Blueberries blitzed in the blender, sometimes they add a few Oats also or some Natural Full Fat Yoghurt, which can also make a good breakfast on its own or mixed with some berries.


What about overnight oats, layer up porridge oats some frozen berries and yogurt in a lidded plastic beaker then leave in the fridge overnight. The oats soften in the juice and the yogurt and its a tasty brekkie you can grab and go.

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Hi Louise

I can give you a few ideas of what I have found works. I'm a single working heaps of hours mum too.

For breakfast I go for branflake or weetabix with a few raisins. I make myself a very easy throw together pack lunch. Of a load of veg. I don't bother chopping like bugs bunny I eat whole raw carrots I eat peppers bits of broccoli I might pack a tin of Tuna or some ready cooked chicken to kind of eat with it. I grow in some fruit like a couple of plums a satsuma an apple. And I have a packet of Wotsits or quavers and a low cal yogurt through the day. If you bulk up on the veg it's a heap of food and vitamins as doesn't else you hungry.

In the evening I I for scrambled eggs or beans on toast or soup.

I find that doing a rough plan of dinners on Sunday and buying the stuff means I can spend very limited time worrying through the week as I've thought it through.

I don't have the problem with the husband who loves take always. But I hope he will support you.

Very very good luck. The other thing I find is I can manage for a few weeks then I pause. And have to get back on it. Then overall trend though is great. Even if I stall.

2 and a half stone down in 8 months and I'm nearly halfway there.


Read the labels on cornflake packets. Most 'breakfast cereals' have a lot of sugar. I recently saw a TV programme about a young woman who put on huge amounts of weight over 15 years just by eating a lot of sugar in the form of sugary drinks and eating out with her husband, who was also someone who could eat a lot without gaining.


Try porridge 2 minutes in the microwave. You can small sachets. You either add milk or water. I usually have skimmed milk 160 calories. Keeps me going until lunch time which cornflakes may not and it will be more calories. Good luck


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