Not recognised lol

Been doing this 17 weeks and have lost 41lbs :-) so far lost 2 dress sizes in trousers and 3 in tops. The compliments i get from people really keep me motivated to keep going. Yesterday a customer at my work who i hadnt seen since august asked if i was a new girl lol, ive known this customer nearly 10 years, was a great feeling. Also had my brother walk past me in the street and my best friend of 24 years didnt recognise me in a shop when i walked up to her lol. Its quite funny, as ive always been "the big girl" and slowly im losing that title, i still have a long way to go but ive noticed changes in my confidence as well, whereas in the past ive never really been a girly girl, i know like to try new things with my hair and own dresses lol. Starting to think i spent many years hiding behind my tomboy facade. Finally starting to find me the real me.

I guess what im saying is that it is possible, the long game and hard work is so worth it, stay strong everyone. We can do this :-)


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26 Replies

  • Hi i am so happy to read your story but please please tell how you did it i am trying to lose weight since last 15 years but coukd not please help....

  • Hi thank you for the kind words, i couldnt have done it without the support from the lovely people on this site. I calorie count i have between 1200-1400 cals per day and stay as active as possible, i go for walks on my days off and wear a fitness tracker which counts my steps. I have a cross trainer that i use at home 3-4 times per week as well as weights. Its hard work but so worth it. It took a few weeks to notice the changes in myself but once i did ive never looked back, i still have bad days and setbacks but i dont let it beat me, i get back on track straight away and keep moving towards my next goal. Break down your weight loss into smaller goals i never look past the next stone i lose, too overwhelming otherwise. Good luck and all the best

  • Thank you for your quick reply...

    hope i will achieve the same soon.

    thank you again for your support and well done..

  • I'm so happy for you! It's a new you and it's all because you started to make healthier choices! So fab!

  • Thanks, couldnt of done it without the support of people like you on here

  • Well done! You must have worked so hard to lose that much in such a short time!

    I've just joined this healthy choices thing to lose nearly 6 stone. It's spurred me on thank you for sharing. Hope you get to your goal!!

  • Thanks and welcome i still have another 6st to lose, dont lose heart stay strong you can do this :-)

  • Thats soooo amazing! Well done you and keep going. It sounds as though you have made such a wonderful difference already and that's been lovely and inspirational to read :)

  • Thank you its the support that gets me through the rough patches

  • I am so delighted for you. You really deserve to have done well. Just hang on to those lovely compliments on the days when you are struggling. I think it was Kate Moss who said that nothing tastes as good as slim feels! And you are starting to know that now. Xx

  • Thank you, your support helps. Hope your doing well?

  • Hi and "WELL DONE YOU"! I wish I was in your shoes, or should I say I can't wait to get there myself. Such an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work x

  • Thank you. You will get there just have faith in yourself and put yourself first you deserve to be happy in your own skin

  • Congrats! Ur amazing and it's not taken you that long really. I've read ur posts and find they are very motivating and it makes me feel I can do it if I just try. I'm just finishing my first week and tbh this weekend has been a bit tough and gone over by a couple of hundred calories but fingers crossed for tomorrow's weigh. Well done you bet you feel fab!!!!

  • Thank you thats nice to hear, we all have rough patches and setbacks but dont let it beat you, i go over my calories now and then, if i can still lose weight so can you

  • No thank you and keep up the good work!

  • Well done, it sounds like you are doing brilliantly! A great inspiration thank you x

  • Thank you

  • Well done hun, that is super impressive. Embrace the new you, she's been through a lot to get here so it is her time to shine! xx

  • Thank you

  • wow well done! I am going to try this as I am failing miserably. keep up the hard work x

  • Thank you, you will get there keep pushing forwards

  • Well done!

    It is great to read the positive changes as a result of your weight loss. I feel this will help keep you on the path to maintain this loss...

    Keep up the good work - I think it will inspire others on this forum.....

  • Thank you for your kind words. Comments like this definitely keep me going when things get rough.

  • would like to think I can do the mass weight loss like you have. What willpower. Afraid I had 2 good weeks then a lazy one . I can diet all day no bother then evenings I want crisps, nuts or sweet things.. The dog ate my pedometer so that was no help.

  • Thank you its been really hard work, and had a few setbacks myself but it is possible, everyday is a chance to start again again and keep going. Dont let one bad day ruin the hard work youve put in. Make the dog take you walking to make up for it lol. All the best

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