The odd breach

Today I broke some of the rules. Had visitors and really good food. I was good for most of the meal until I saw this beautiful white bread and my favoured cream blue cheese. I couldn't help myself and had three slices of bread with cheese. I was not really hungry just tempted. I usually have just one slice of wholemeal with 10 or 15 g of cheese after a health meal. To make up for it I will have soup tonight. Considering I am finishing my fifth week, I think I did good. I am over my limit but It should be ok as just a one off. Did you guys break the rules now and again? I think looking at the big picture if I get carried away now and again, it should be ok, right? I feel a bit guilty as I am weighing myself tomorrow morning. Bummer! still, it was good!


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  • Hi nhs2015, don't feel guilty as there are no rules to this it's about making choices, good choices and if every now and again we feel like treating ourselves to a temptation then so be it.

    I treat myself once a week to anything I want, this way I stay the course of my journey and still lose weight doing it.

    Good luck with your weigh in and I'm sure 3 slices of white bread and blue cheese don't weigh that much lol.

  • Thanks

  • I eat cheese most days; no problem as part of a balanced diet.

    Most bread (and rice, and potatoes, and Weetabix, and Shredded Wheat, and Ryvita, and beans, and yoghurt, and sugar, and so on) raises insulin/IGF-1 levels that promote fat deposition, inhibiting the use of fat for fuel. Chronically, elevated insulin levels cause the growth of the endothelial layers of blood vessels, contributing to cardiovascular disease.

    Also, chronically high-insulin levels contribute to insulin-resistance, with metabolic problems such as the accumulation of fat around the middle, or high blood pressure, or pre-diabetes.

    Now you can make an informed decision.

  • Wow, food for thoughts you can say! Thanks.

  • I dont think you should think of it as breaking the rules. I think when youre with friends and if theyre eating something unhealthy you should be allowed to too, as long as you do eat less when you're on your own. Otherwise when youve lost your weight youre gunna think well done me, I deserve to reward myself with food and break the rules - and just put all the weight back on! When you lose weight you should be eating the same foods as you would when youre maintaining weight, but just in smaller quantities!

  • Thanks, Yes Rharris 1995, I have reduced my portions but still eat well. Just changing my choices and eating healthier and actually enjoying the planning and eating of it. Today was my first transgression. Tomorrow is my Couch to 5k day so I should break even.

  • It's ok, especially if your treat involves eating protein (cheese is a protein source, though high in calories). It's perfect that you decided to compensate the extra calories by having soup tonight. It is possible that you will see a higher number on the scales tomorrow: this is just because carbs in bread make you retain water. In a few days it will flush off!

  • nhs2015, please do not feel guilty. From your account of what happened, I can clearly see that the bread was the guilty party; aided and abetted by that wickedly smiling blue cheese. I know the type.... they sneak up on you without warning and then try to shift the blame on you. I once had an encounter with freshly baked brioche. Can you believe this fragrant, soft loaf tried to blame me for being consumed. What did it expect?? Anyway, you're clearly the victim in this scenario and you have my greatest sympathies...

  • :)

  • Dont feel guilty, we all have the odd treat or setback, were human! As you say as long as you stick to your plan the rest of the time and still exercise the odd hiccup wont hurt. Sometimes its good as your body can get used to a certain amount of calories so shaking it up from time to time is a good thing. I still have the odd takeaway or chocolate bar, i just make healthy choices the rest of the time and keep exercising. Your doing well on the plan so stay strong and keep moving forward, its only when we let ourselves fall into old habits after having a treat that our plans go out of the window

  • Yeah...have good and over eating days...pancake day had 2 pancakes with ice cream and syrup...was great...but naughty..

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