Weigh in week two 😒

Ok, so not had a great week. Could have handled the stress a lot better so not surprised I haven't lost weight. However since I started I have lost an inch off my waist so I am doing something right. Bring it on week three, I am back and ready for you!!!

Thank you for all the inspiration on here all, making this easier knowing that there is support out there from great people xx


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12 Replies

  • That's the spirit wombat3838; never let a single weigh-in get you down. Concentrate on enjoying the process toward your goal (and beyond).

  • If you have lost inches you have lost weight. Maybe the scales are not showing it because of water retention before fat flushes off. It's a process, make healthy choices and keep it up!

  • That could be true hrhgabby hadn't thought about that. Thank you, definitely keeping going

  • Hi wombat well done at least you didn't put weight on and losing an inch is brilliant! First weigh in for me tomorrow and bit nervous as gone over this weekend but have to remember it's a long journey as got sooo much to lose. Keep up the good work and hope next week is less stressful :-)

  • Thanks Julia, fingers crossed for you tomorrow. We can do it if we put our minds to it! Trying to think of more things to distract myself with… making time to exercise is helping.

    good luck xx

  • Happy days :-) Good weigh in today so feeling motivated again. Also just started the couch to 5k as well this evening. I like exercising but find I lack motivation, sofa is too comfy ha ha. Hope you've had a good day and still feeling motivated x

  • Well done you! That's great news. Yes feeling super motivated and intend to try and keep it up. Extra walking today, workout tomorrow when I have more time😃 keep going and have a great day tomorrow x

  • Fab! Glad you've had a good day. I find week days easier than weekends. As you say distracting yourself helps. I might have to try going for walks at weekends if the weather stays nice. Fingers crossed for staying positive x

  • Definitely helps, also helps that I catch a bus to work so I can jump off earlier and sneak in some exercise without thinking about it . Deffo try and walk more with the better weather the extra vitamin d boosts your mood lol xx

  • All great advice thank you. Will try and do more walking at least :-)

  • Your welcome hun and thank you for your support too xx

  • No problem and ditto, it's great to find other people on here that have same troubles and are all so supportive! x

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