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Need motivation


Hoping you guys can help - I have been eating well since about September and so far have lost 3st 10lbs so really happy. I still have about the same left to lose. However recently I have given up - I am still eating relatively well but find that when faced with either eating something healthy or just not eating - I am choosing the latter. I know this isn't good for me - but I have no appetite. Is this normal?

I just don't know what to do anymore :(

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Hi I have only just joined this site and have lots of weight to lose. The fact that you've lost all that since September has motivated me to keep trying. Please don't give up and any hints you have would be gratefully accepted. I'm sorry to turn your post into one about me and I don't know about the lack of appetite, but you are inspiring to other people. Thought it might help :)


Hi, could it be that you have got bored with your selection of foods. Perhaps research into some new recipes. The internet or local health food shop for new foods.

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Our mind plays tricks on us. I suffered from bulimia/anorexia years ago and can relate to what you are feeling now. As you say, our body needs its fuel, so you must eat. Be nice to yourself, treat yourself with a non-diet day once a week and be ok with it. Weight-loss will slow down but you will feel better! Good luck!


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