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Friday weigh in (abit late!)

Well after a week of old eating habits and drinking too much wine as we celebrated half term away on holiday, as predicted I have put on weight. Last week 12.12st this week 13.1st. Oh well, feeling very ready to get back to it and hopefully get back down to the 12's as soon as I can. Hope everyone else's week has been more successful.

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Hi Juliet444,

Hope you enjoyed your half-term holiday. At least you've only put on a couple of pounds, it could have been much worse! You'll soon get that back off again now that you're feeling ready to get back into your healthy routine. You'll be back in the 12's in no time!

Hope you have a great week ahead. My weigh-in is on Monday, so not sure how I've done yet. Probably not great, as I have been tempted by some calorific foods this week here and there!

Lowcal :-)


Thanks Lowcal, I think it's that time of year when we are all feeling abit weaker but I am sure when it gets warmer we'll feel like eating healthier again. I have to say I really enjoyed having a week off but feel worse for it now. Good luck on Monday. Hope weigh in goes well for you.


Thanks :-) Enjoy the remainder of the weekend :-)


I have just discovered this site as I start my journey to lose 2 stone. Starting at 12st 1,1 I know it will be a challenge - any tips on how to stay motivated & disciplined.


Good luck, 2 stone should be an achievable goal. I found thinking of my journey as a change of lifestyle rather than a diet helped and gave myself breathers i.e weekends/school holidays - still thinking in the back of my mind what I am eating but allowing myself the odd glass of wine and abit of chocolate but being very strict in the week. I also have a dog which needs two walks a day come rain or shine so the exercise remains constant and helps with weight loss. It's a slower process than a strict diet but stays off even in more relaxed times. I find the more one loses, the better you feel so you don't want to go back to eating more. I also like the fact I can get back into my old wardrobe again! Keep in touch if you want anymore words of motivation, very happy to help if I can!


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