Hard work has paid off

Hi everyone, I weighed in today and pleased to share that I have lost 4lbs this week in week 7.

Total lost is now 24 lbs.

I feel I have worked so hard this week to achieve this result on the scale and I am very excited as I am losing my last back roll lol. They started off as three and then two now one, but this has almost gone too :-)

I feel this community has been so supportive and has helped me through my journey and I would like to say thank you to everyone who has shared their journeys and successes and those who have given me encouragement along the way.

Happy day today and to everyone out there, I wish you all a very good week ahead.

Be Good to yourselves x


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14 Replies

  • Very well done! That's brilliant!

  • Well done, excellent news.

  • Great achievent...you must be really proud of yourself and deservedly so.

  • Thank you so much. I was up early this morning and didn't go straight to the scale I went straight to the mirror and felt slimmer lol :-) so got this top out of the wardrobe I have longed to fit into and guess what...it fit :-) today and it's a size down so even better. Thank you again x

  • well done hun keep it up x

  • thank you steve :-)

  • Well done! This is an encouraging post.

  • Thank you to everyone for your support and encouraging words today, I feel happy. I'm treating myself to a visit to the hairdressers today to so double good day :-)

  • Hi congrats, how do you keep so motivated?

  • Motivation comes from wanting it so bad. I've been here before and wasn't ready but now I know I'm ready. The last time I did this was with someone I knew and we did this together for a time, but she let me down to many times and that kind of made me give up to.

    This time round I have started this myself for myself and don't rely on anyone else for motivation or company. The choices I make, I am responsible for and I want to show myself that I can do this and others (look at me) i've done it.

    I always plan everything ahead of time and this has kept me on track. This includes both meals and exercise.

    Thank you x I wish you a successful journey x

  • oh and I have a day off once a week where I have what I want.

  • Well done! I hope your changes are enjoyable and sustainable.

  • My weigh-in after week 7 is tomorrow, I hope I am as happy as you are today, I feel so much better than a few weeks ago! Have a great week 8!

  • Hiya HRHGaby

    Week 7 for you too. I hope you are just as happy as me also.

    As the weeks go by it is getting easier, but the easier it gets the more we have to work. I had really stepped it up all last week and worked out really hard. I am glad to have seen that all the effort I put in to my work outs really paid off.

    I really truly hope that you have a good weigh in tomorrow and thank you x

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