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Hi, I'm a newbie

Hi, I’m a newbie

Hi there, I have just joined this forum. I usually never post my problems online but at this point I am desperate and I thought it will be useful to read other opinions on this.

I am struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember. I am extremely overweight with a BMI of 46 (x3 of what I am supposed to weigh). I have tried pills, diets and nothing worked. Before I graduated from school I was trying to lose weight for my prom- failed, my weight boomed (put on like 20 kg). Then after I moved to another city to study in Uni, I got away from my parents and without doing diets or exercises, I lost 10 kg (thankfully till this day they haven’t popped back). However, I am still deep in the red zone and I am having a hard time changing my lifestyle. For the last three weeks I lost another 10 kg and I was excited and proud because I did it with eating healthy and doing exercise with a friend. But she got busy and we stopped going together, I started munching on junk food and chocolate goodies and now I am right back where I started. I feel depressed and those feelings came back (failed, no hope etc.)

I know the factors that influence weight loss:

-the food

-the environment

- the habits

-the activities

I know from experience that if one of the above is not fulfilled, the weight loss plan just WON’T WORK!

My problem is lack of motivation. I get to a point, then the smallest thing breaks me and I go back to my stupid ways again. It really frustrates me. I know I can do it but there is something that keeps holding me back. Moderation is my weakness I guess (for example: I won’t eat one chocolate bar, I will have ½ or all of it). My question is, how can I keep things together and learn how to live a better quality of life? How to keep going in the right direction (if you get what I mean)? I don’t want to waste my time going to the GP and asking about this, because I have the feeling that the answer will be ‘you’re fat, lose weight’ end of story.

Thanks for reading this long post and if you have the same (or other) problems I wish you good luck in resolving them! :]

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Hm, never heard of that before, thanks for the info I will deffinetly check it out


As I read your post, I could identify with so much of what you were saying, but I think you're being very hard on yourself. I've learned not to beat myself up when I fall off the eating plan, and just resolve to do better the next day. Exercise has helped me loads, both in helping me to lose weight, but also in making me feel better. Even a walk around the park is good, helps you to forget food cravings and again, makes you feel better. I also find distraction is good, if I start heading towards the kitchen for a snack, I go to another room and do something like read a book or do some crocheting, it takes my mind off food! All the best with everything.


Take a look at the 5:2 diet. Basically you only eat 500 cals for two days in the week , say Tuesday and Thursday and the rest of the week you eat normally. On the two days that I 'fast' I eat fruit at lunchtime and then a big salad in the evening. Drink plenty of water or fruit teas on these days too.

On the other 5 days you can eat normally. Try this way of eating for a week or so and see if it works for you. It will help you as its only 2 days. If you can get into it you'll find that you'll soon be naturally eating less on the other days too.

If you can't manage this way of eating .....don't think of it as dieting ... Then go to your drs and seek help from them. They should be able to offer some guidance to you as you so overweight .

Good luck on your journey ! Start it today .... Start it now !!


Convoluted advert.


Perhaps it might be worth checking with your surgery on any possible help/advice. Some areas have a nurse practioner who will give advice, and there are other schemes depending on where you are.

I can't do moderation, so when I gave up sugar, I had to give up drinking tea for a while. The sugar craving did go away and now I can't stand the taste.

My daughter lost weight with one of the commercial slimming organisations. The support from other people in the same situation was a real help, as was the weekly weigh in. There is a weekly weigh in on this site, have a look for Low Cal's posts if you are interested.

Please don't feel a failure. Have look at the 12 week plan, you will be in good company.


Reading your post was a lot like reading about my own life.

I had a horrible relationship with food when I was a teenager and ballooned in weight due to secret binge eating. By the time I was 19 I was in the obese area of the BMI chart. My parents tried to 'help' me, but the more they pushed, the more I went the other way.

In the end, I has to face up to myself that I wasn't happy with the way I look and make changes for myself.

Get yourself a personal trainer if you can afford it. They will be professional with you and will give you advice about nutrition and physical exercise to help you out.

Pre-book some sessions so you know you can't back out and knowing that you have to see them will give you the motivation to stay on track.

If you are unable to get a PT, devise yourself a walking route and do it 3 x week at a brisk pace or have a go at the couch to 5k.

Don't put yourself down, you are stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Think of it as a lifestyle change, not a 'diet'.

Always eat breakfast so feel fuller for longer and think about portion size.

Don't buy biscuits/cake/chocolate if you have a rationing problem like me, it's better to just not have them then be tempted!

When I did it, I could only run for 2 minutes on a treadmill and then I would have to stop. I also cut out carbs completely until I felt I could reintroduce them in a healthy way. When you start to see the weight come off it will give you the motivation to keep going, after all, it is only you that holds the power to change in your hands.

I was lucky to have my sister to help me along the way, having a buddy to keep you on track is always a bonus. In the end, I lost 3 1/2 stone.

Good Luck, you can do it :)


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