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Help losing weight and exercising?


I'm 20 and currently have a BMI of almost 28. I would like to lose weight so I am in the healthy BMI range- I have always been very curvy so I think I should be on the heavier side of the healthy BMI range which means I need to lose just over a stone.

I've downloaded the my fitness pal app which says I need to consume 1390 calories a day to lose about a pound a week. I struggle to stick to this every day so I have been consuming 1390 calories for 3 or 4 days of the week then had 2 days a week consuming 500 calories or less to make up for 1 or 2 days a week in which I'd have about 2000 calories or more (a burger or pizza and cake usually). I've been doing this for about 6 weeks now and it works out at an average of around 1390 calories a day each week but I don't seem to be losing any weight.

Does anyone have any tips?

I'm thinking I should probably cut out the binge day but I struggle to not have any treats at all. I also think I should do more exercise as I live a very sedentary lifestyle as a student and spend the vast majority of my time sitting on the computer or reading. I struggle with exercise though as I have never been sporty or had much coordination and since I've always done so little exercise, I get very out of breath and go purple whenever I do cardio so I've always found it very embarrassing and quite disheartening to exercise and avoided it.

Does anyone have any tips on that? I am quite good at and enjoy pilates but I struggle with all other types of exercise.

Thanks a lot! Sorry for such a long post.

Oh and I don't drink fizzy drinks or eat crisps and I rarely have chocolate (my downfalls are cakes/cookies once a week, burgers, pizza, bread and cheese). I eat all whole grain bread, pasta and rice already as I have IBS so white bread etc. is no good for me.

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I've just loss about a stone in weight which came off in just over 2 month I cut out pasta which I used to eat nearly every day! So what I'm saying is find the main food it is that you eat the most of and take it out of your diet.. Sounds easier said then done right? Well yeh but if you substitute it for somthing good that u enjoy it helps a lot! I enjoy making all different types of snoothies so this helped me a lot if my crave for pasta..., hope this helps a little and good luck Hun :) xx


Hi, I know how it is, I struggle with having the time to go to the gym (or at least that's the excuse I give myself lol). But I met a girl that also wanted to go to the gym and we started going together. I am a very shy person (cuz I have x2 of your BMI) and I was often ashamed to be seen in places like this. Anyway, my point is that when I found a 'gym buddy' it was much easier for me to go and organise my schedule to fit our sessions in. Try to find a friend that will want and enjoy running in the park or similar exercises. The time will be enjoyable and you won’t feel it like a chore that has to be done (at least that's how i felt). Plus I started feeling comfortable going on my own.

Also, ALWAYS EAT BREAKFAST!!! I started eating proper meals in the morning (8-9 AM) and a snack at noon. But I tend to skip dinner and go to bed early. If I get vicious for food I stuff grapes and drink water or tea so I would feel full. This really helps me lose weight and I don’t feel dizzy or tired through the day (cuz I used to not eat all day and then pig out right before bed- worse thing to do).

Hope this was useful to you and good luck! :]


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