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Channel 4 documentary: Junk Food Kids: Who's To Blame?

I saw this documentary yesterday together with my family. Some of the scenes were shocking, especially comments from some of the parents who seemed to know what was the right thing to do but still took the 'easy' path and gave in to their kids nagging.


The worry is that these kids will grow up and will have habits that will affect their health also in their adult hood....

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Recorded it as it was on a little late for us but I will watch it when I get a chance.


Really wanted to watch this too can't believe I missed it doh!


Did you notice the adverts during this programme!!! Don't fast forward OlsBean - I think this is part of the problem! Just watched it on 4D LouisaBEE!


I think their general attitudes were symptomatic of a bigger whole. The one who got up too late to take the child to the dentist just didn't seem to care. Another 10 minutes in bed was too important.


I found myself shouting at the television. The parents should be prosecuted for child abuse!


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