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never done this before !

I've never posted on a forum before, but thought support may help me .i printed out nhs 12 week diet yesterday ,shocked that I weighed 11st 10 1 Feel a bit hopeless about it. I gained weight after breat cancer a couple of years ago and have also been suffering with depression. I keep dabbling with diets, but just lose will power and then hate myself for being so weak. I am taking thyroxine ,tamoxafin (breast cancer) anti depressants and sleeping tablets, which I don't think help weight, although I am not making excuses, I eat and drink too much. I started walking and swimming, but not been able to do it for the last 10 days as been poorly (another thing that gets me down, pick up infections easily as I now have low immunity )

Words of encouragement please !

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I lost 22 lb on the 12 week plan (took longer than 12 weeks though). What it has done is to change my way of eating so I always look at portion sizes now. My tips are: to plan all your meals and shop to that, use smaller plates, if you eat bread buy small loaves so the slices are smaller. Also don't get to hungry, so plan in some snacks.

C25k is great exercise and has a brilliant support forum. Exercise is great for boosting your mood & helping with sleep as well.

I too have an under-active thyroid, but think if the medication level is correct it shouldn't affect weight loss.

Good luck, and if you have a bad day, ignore it and carry on the next day.


Thank you. my level is meant to be right, but still get tired, but that could be the other health issues.thanks for the tips and well done !


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