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Bit of inspiration!! A must read!!

Hi Everyone.

I'm visiting my parents in South Wales and fancied playing golf. I brought my clubs with me so I went along to a local course for a quick few holes earlier today.

During my game I came across an elderly couple who were playing in front of me but albeit very slowly indeed. The elderly gent said I could play before them as he didn't want to hold me up.

He then told me that he was 84 years old and 2 years ago he had to have his leg amputated due to complications from a knee operation and it was from the thigh down and that he was wearing a prosetic leg.

I thought to myself, I've just joined this forum and it would be a really great inspirational story for us all. If this man who is 84 and lost a leg can still stay motivated to get out there and play golf then I'm sure we can all lose some poundage!! it sure as hell has given me some motivation to lose a few pounds!!

Come on people lets do this together as I know we all can!!

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Hi Chris76,

I think that is a motivating story. Thanks for sharing it.

Hope you have a good week ahead - you sound motivated and that's half the battle!

Lowcal :-)


Life live to the full..good for him...


Hi chris 76 your right that was an inspiring story you shared and yes older people can teach us a lot my own dad is 97yrs old still gets up every moring at 6am washes shaves himself then awaits the arrival of his home help who comes to carry out these chores !! He's a war hero and knows what hunger really felt like and can't see what my problem is and he's right to comment on how just to eat everything but do it all in moderation a skill he has had to learn why can't i give myself a shake and do the same? I'll seriously try and let you all know how i get on good luck everyone x


Indeed! It goes to show what determination and commitment can achieve.


what a great story.


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