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Interesting article on Diet Myths

The following article seems to be worth looking at. It seems to recommend sleeping properly and avoiding low fat foods.


The advice at the end of the article from a NHS Weight Loss Surgeon (Dr Sally Norton) seems to be most useful ......

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Hello. Yes i,d heard about this article and i,ve just read it, thankyou. It certainly makes sense!


I agree about breakfast not being necessary. I've found, as many others have also, that if I eat breakfast I'm more hungry during the day. I tend to break my fast around 2pm, 5pm on two days a week.


The advice on Excercise also seems to be interesting as it suggests that muscle build up burns more calories long term . After starting my 5:2 diet last year I also changed my excercise routine so that I only do cardio during warm up. This includes short intense bursts of 30 seconds with 15 second break for two minutes to increase my heart rate. I then focus mainly on weights to improve muscle tone.

It is difficult to work out right balance between cardio and muscle toning excercises.....


I don't exercise, apart from lots of walking. I hope to be back to running soon.


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