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unhappy wannabe be fit and healthy

3 weeks ago I was full of enthusiasm for starting my new fitness regime of the Couch25K, I wore the right shoes, right clothing and being a previous cross country runner in my youth, I remembered the right way to run. So anyway started at weighing in at 231lb, heavy I know. The food side of things is already healthy, just a little tweaking, i.e reduce portions and cut back on the little extras with hidden calories, i.e sauces. first week went brilliant, on weigh-in day, I went down to 224lb. Over the moon, but recognising the body would be in shock with the extra activity and cut backs on food. Week 2 is where it all goes wrong, I went for my run, felt a twinge in my knee so I cut back a little a took it easier. Thinking rest day will sort it..... fool me!!! went for the 2nd run of the week, half way through my knee went, hobbled the mile and a half home in pain!!!!. Did the cold compress, rested when I could, took ibuprofen and didn't do any more running. Week 3, went to the doctors today, no improvement on knee, to find I have 'housemaids knee' or more technically known as Prepatellar Bursitis. Its going to a few weeks to heal. Doctor says that the Couch25K is not a good way to go for me as my joints can't handle it any more. She congratulated my enthusiasm but says I must take gentle exercise like swimming, walking or cycling. And to make things worse my weigh in today was 2lb put on... I can't swim and the local adult swimming lessons take place when I'm working. I don't own a bike, which leaves walking. But I am unable to do any of these things until my knee heals.... A very unhappy bunny!!!!

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I just read you blog - and completely understand your frustrations - and having ran quite a bit over the years I have always encountered doctors who I think are a bit anti running in terms of knees - my gp told me this about 15 years ago ' running is bad for your knees ' well I have continued to run - done 4 marathons and am planning some more challenges which I think keeps my brain straight - obviously you know your knees very well - and we listen to our bodies - if it hurts - stop - but only you can know - perhaps you cou try pool running - it is a good way to keep your fitness up without putting pressure on your joints whilst they get stronger (check gp first) bit of a name drop here - many years ago I met Linford Christy in a pool in Florida - I had an ankle injury at the time and he told me how to pool run - well I did that for two weeks every day and came home and ran the great north run !!! What you do is use a long float and ind sufficient water run - your heart rate goes up you use all your leg muscles but as i say no pressure - anyhoos hope this may help a bit and I cannot WEIGHT :)) to get the diet going to shift the excess which will make such a difference to all the joints including Knees, Marathongirl


Hello. Before xmas i was running alot and dog walking. Got up onemorning and my foot at the top were your toes end was really swollen and bruised. my knees felt sore and i was hobbling around all over xmas. After a few weeks of just dog walking had put a little more weight on and was not happy. SO i bought the new Davina 7minute fit dvd. It really is great and her new trainer seems to know what he,s talking about. Plus its not overly difficult. I also do a little interval training, all i do is run quickly on the spot for a few seconds then walk on the spot for a few seconds. I do 10 seconds of each for about 10 to 15 mins and i do it in my kitchen. It gets ur heart rate up and then down and this is apparantly one of the best ways to loose weight. Plus it burns calories hours after doing it. Running all the time was not good for me at all........i dont know how it can be. They say it really isnt that good for you, but then they say allsorts........good luck x


Hi I really want to encourage you too, as I also feel like I'm not a natural physique for running, but am pressing on with the couch to 5k. I also can't swim. I can ride my bike, but I don't find it's good for weight loss. You would need to really ride it every day - I was fittest when I used to cycle to work and back every day, but it's really a lifestyle choice (and I don't live that lifestyle anymore!) I get the impression you really want to follow a system, in which case try to come back to couch to 5k, perhaps after a rest, but approach it differently. Put a date in the diary to try and re-start in 3 weeks time.

There's lots of good advice on here, the main theme being to do everything at your own pace. I find that a 'slow jog' can be about the same speed as a fast walk. There is lots of advice on google too about ways to run that prevent putting strain on your knee. Your cross country days might have been at a time when you weighed a lot less, I'm imagining, and the techniques you used then might not be right for you now. The other thing I've noticed on here is people talking about using a treadmill to do couch to 5k. If you can go to a gym to do it, then you can use the treadmill to make sure your speed is not too fast, and if your knee starts to hurt you can stop and rest straight away and it won't take you as long to get back home.

Hope this helps, and hope your knee heals quickly.


Hello I started off just hoovering the whole house everyday, window cleaning etc nothing too mad. Try porridge for breakfast and homemade soups for lunch. Dont give up, good luck and hope the knee soon gets better.


Pain in joints is always a let down...hope you take it easy...get well...I had flu..and then followed with a head cold...done no execise in two weeks...fed up...had a birthday...sat feeling low...eat half box of chocolates...hope you and I have better weeks to come....diet and good health ...


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