Having a really bad day, gained 1lb after one bad meal choice last night, my kitchen sink has backed up so i can do any washing up or use the washing machine, my partner bought me chocolate yesterday i know he did it for a nice reason but he also knows how much i have struggled these last few weeks, im so tired all the time from long 12 hour shifts and trying to stay active on my days off. my positivity is waning and part of me just wants to curl up in a ball and cry.

Sorry just needed to vent, ill bounce back i always do just having a really bad day.

Hope you are all having a better day


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10 Replies

  • Oh dear, don,t worry i,m having a crap day too. Everything that can go wrong is but tomorrow is another day. It will pass. Sending you a hug xx

  • Hugs back. Hope your day gets better. Im going for a walk and a bit of retail therapy x

  • Oh hun, big hugs! You've given me the support so I'm returning some now you need it. Keep your chin up

  • Thanks hun, i went for a nice long walk and felt much better. Cant be strong all the time tha k you

  • Oh no! No wonder you're fed up - this sounds like one thing after another. It would have me tearing my hair out.

    I hope you do bounce back soon because you are one of the best people on this forum! You're always there supporting everyone and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been following your achievements as an inspiration. You always give sound advice and perk me up when I'm feeling rubbish. It sounds like you need a little R&R for yourself - bubble bath/ jim jams/ back rub/manicure kind of thing. If I could send you something lovely (not chocolate!) virtually I would! xx

  • Oh thank you thats so sweet actually made me well up. Really nice to hear that, helps to keep me motivated and focused. I went for a long walk instead of hiding in the cookie jar and sorting a plumber in next few days, think it all just built up on me. Thank you again. Hope you have a great week. Tomorrow is a new day and we will all get to our goals especially helping and supporting each other on here :-)

  • I'm with all the others. Hang on in there, you will get through this. And it will only take a day or two of sensible eating to drop that lb again. (So unfair isn't it, when weight comes off in micrograms per week haha but goes back in kg per day! Or that's how it always seems anyway.) You're winning girl! X

  • Lol your post made me smile, your right back on the good food and staying active and ill be back on track. Thank you. Think we are all doing so well!! x

  • Have yourself checked for Thyroid. It could be under achieving which means you put on weight and are tired all the time.

  • Thank you ill ask my doctor, i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but it doesnt seem to be right so ill mention that

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