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Well I did it, in week six and still going strong, as if!

Had a good trip into the workshops and workplace training in town, stayed in the hotel accommodation and was prepared to gain a lot of weight eating restaurant food, managed to not gain or lose any weight, so feeling really good. Most of the time I thought about how much this would add to my size, and managed to just eat good healthy food with no flour, processed food, sugar or deserts. I did get a little bit of walking done for the challenge with Salasia, but my knees played up again. Did about 1Klm a day, which was good as the rest of the time was sitting down in meetings. Week six now, and will need to ramp up this exercise thing, still not happening and still in the planning stages. Has been in the planning stages since week one, biggest problem is lack of motivation and old legs who don't run without pain, don't walk with any strength and need a total overhaul, or something.

So I am going to do this, still will do it, challenged Salasia and hope to keep ramping up the energy level and the motivation. Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas for how to get motivated and just do it?

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I understand about wanting to move more but having pain, I am swimming at the moment it is great because your body is supported and so you can move really freely. I have got bad knees so running is out for me, trying to walk dogs a bit further though. If it hurts it isn't going to motivate you, perhaps you could find something else to do to exercise. Have a good day


Thank you Helen3418, yes I will try it I thought if I walk in the pool it might help, I'll give it a go

thanks for the advice, it is so annoying though, just wanting to walk and the pain prevents me from doing it on a regular basis to make it a habit, but not finished trying yet.

I'll try the pool and see how I go , cheers


My local pool does an Aquafit class, which is really energetic and fun. My knees won't let me run either. I also do a Pilates class, to improve strength and flexibility.

Glad to hear you are managing to cut out sugar and flour, it's made a big difference to my weight and health, too.


Hi Penel

Thank you, yes it has made a big difference even to my thinking by cutting out flour products and sugar, the only sugar I have now is through fruit, and I keep an eye on that too so it does not blow out of proportion. Where I live we have a pool but no courses or anything, but I will try and get some exercise in the pool and see how it goes. How do you go walking? I would love to be able to walk more if I can't run, and wonder if there is a way to strengthen old injured knees?


Hi DoniMac

Perhaps you could ask for advice about knees from a physiotherapist or someone similar. My Pilates exercises seem to have helped, but I think you need to find a properly qualified instructor to make sure you don't do damage.

Some of my friends feel that taking supplements has helped with joint pain and mobility.

I have to walk on even ground and wear good fitting boots or trainers. I listen to my body, so some days I do more than others.

Good luck with the exercises, take it easy.


Hi Penel, yes thanks for that. Your right, I was supposed to have my knees replaced several years ago after an accident, but then decided after looking at all the research, that I did not want it done and wanted to find a way to build up my knee strength. So the knee have been a problem for some years, also the job I do with sitting so much does not help, then the workplace stress comes into play, and there I am in the middle of all this eating my way out of the paper bag of food. I worked with a qualified Pilates trainer for some time when I was near a town, but am now in an isolated place working and am following her instructions, only gentle Pilates stretches and not full on Pilates program (which I would love to do when I am closer to a town and qualified instructor) I take cod liver oil and magnesium as that seem sot help and pain killers when it is very bad, but that is not often. I noticed my shoes are pretty lose and not fitting well so I will try and get some different ones. I had a great walk yesterday 25 minutes, on a flat track that went up a little incline, so pushed myself for the first 10 minutes, then eased off a bit. Today just done the Pilate stretches. Tomorrow I will do the walk again, eventually it will all fall into place, just a matter of breaking the habit of not exercising and eating too much. How easy does that sound....and I wish it was. Let me know how you go and have fun


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