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Help In Food Ideas ,, I'm Stuck In a can


I moved recently to a new country Where almost 90% of people here are fat ( like me :) 112 KG ) because of the life style.

now I don't have refrigerator, heater or oven or any kind of utilities that will be for 3 months.

now i can only use the office microwave and refrigerator.

Now a days I eat cheese with whole grain bread or canned tuna..

the duty time is 12 hrs ,, no time for training during work days.

the funny thing i don't store any thing home coz my room mate is a food sweeper :D..

so is there any healthy food ideas suits my case ??

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Hi how are you going? Are you in the tropics too? The best things I found was cut out bread, all flour food, all sugar, and it is amazing how different my minds works then. Really amazing after two weeks I noticed my thinking was a lot clearer. I am eating chicken, fish, eggs, yoghurt, berries, vegies and any fruit I can get my hands on. Been losing about 1 kg a week and could lose more if I could get some exercises happening.

If you can buy all fresh food, your doing well, if you have to live out of tins, it will be harder, the best idea would be to get a calorie counter book or app, and count your calories. Beer has a lot of claories, so worth dropping until you get some weight off. Fresh food , exercise and counting calories in the 12 week challenge is working for me, worth a try. Good luck.


Pitta bread filled with salad and microwaves meat balls, by chilli or Moroccan spices in jars and add, packet cooked rice warm in microwave, add sliced peppers and tuna with spices, microwave bacon, and sliced liver packet frozen mixed veg, microwaved a full meal can be quick and healthy, whip up eggs and add mixed veg, a micro ommelette. Do hope one of theses could be useful, I'm lucky I have full cooking facilities and really do take it for granted, good luck in your quest for a slimmer you.



Thanks :) .

No Actualy i'm in Saudi ..

Well what I did up to now I just take 2 Biscuitswith Coffee with the breakfast in the office because I should be there before Sun rise .. then for lunch it's 2 slices of whole grain bread with cheese or with a slice of pastarmi the second option is a caned tuna with salad + an apple or a banana+ yugrt

the diner is foul with 1 pita bread

NO Suger AT ALL .. NO FAT .. NO ADDITONAL Flour Products

I have started with it since Jan 15 with 117 KG .. yesterdy I was 111.4 :)

But it's booooring and I don't know if it's ok ..


You made me hungry ! I can smell it now definitely I will try it

but about the rice shouldn't I avoid it ??

Good Luck for you



How about getting a food steamer for the microwave? They are great for fish, chicken, veg, rice and probably loads more. I swear by mine.

Good luck with it!



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