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going down

Lost half a stone since Christmas, so a little bit more and I'll just be fat instead of very fat. But its all going in the right direction, what have I done not a lot really. My favorite drink is water, I've cut down the size of my meals I can't be bothered with calorie counting which I find confusing, I am going out on my bike more.

A little while back I found out I had bladder cancer which I hope has now been sorted. but it did make me realize how we tend to beat ourselves up over different things, weight being the main one and how some of the younger friends on this site really have a down on them selves, if I could say one thing to all of you if you are trying to lose weight do it for your self no one else, not because you've seen something on telly or some A hole has made some comment, do it because you will feel better about yourself.

I don't think enough is known about weight gain and why some people gain weight and some don't, I have a mate who could eat a horse and wouldn't gain a pound, I walk pass the cake shop and put on a pound. So bugger it be happy and keep the faith and don't ever give up trying.

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Well done you and what you say makes good sense, I have been walking and swimming more and avoiding added sugar in food.


And well done to you, I've signed up to do London to Brighton bike ride this year told so many people I've got to keep going now.

I think sugar takes away the taste of food, most things have enough sugar in them same for salt.

Well you keep up the good work and keep smiling.


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