Losing the passion for it

Does anyone thats been doing this for a while feel like they lose the passion for it after a while? Im still calorie counting and being active and completing my journals. just doesnt seem to have the same thrill anymore. I have no intentions of stopping as im happy with my progress so far, and have a long way to go im about 1/3 of the way through my journey so far, still a long way to go. Think its just a rut from being so tired. Even found myself smelling my partners biscuits lol but managed to stop at 2 even though they were my fav so ive definitely come along way as wouldve inhalled the box 6 months a go lol. Anyway off to bed, tomorrow is a new day :-) stay strong everybody


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  • Hi itoo get very bored, I've been at it since September and lost three and a half stones so far, like you this represents about a third of my goal. I find if I have a craving I usually take what I fancy and move on. I have also started receiving a weekly recipe /grocery box which means I have plenty of variety in my meals. If a little of what you fancy does you good, why not we beat ourselves up and drown in our guilt when we have accomplished so much and will continue accomplishing.

  • Hey i didnt beat myself up in fact at the time i found it quite amusing, i had a wobble and afterwards i thought onwards and upwards :-) its probably just got routine which is making it a bit dull but i will continue, and like you i dont have "forbidden foods" in the past that made them my undoing.

  • Hiya you are not alone I have lost my passion too....unlike you I have fallen off the wagon and need to get back on...stay strong you know it's working and everyday is a step closer to your goal...

  • Lol......

    Yes I am losing the passion indeed... So trying not to be as strict, and see if that works!!

    This is not a diet ? It's my life....

  • Thats what ive been doing changing to a healthier life not dieting as i always fail at diets, so far so good

  • With you on losing the will - thought I was making progress but stop start loss which makes you wonder why you bother! At least you avoided temptation with the biscuits!

  • I think its because it becoming routine now, my body no longer likes certain foods i.e kebabs but chocolate still tastes heavenly lol

  • It's normal to feel tired after some time, you are doing great, keep it up!

  • Thanks hrhbaby, i will do i was exhausted when i wrote that feel better after a good nights sleep

  • Last April I had 2st (28lbs ) to lose. It started well ... 1-2 pound a week at first, then a period of plateau. Even had two summer holidays without gaining weight. But even though I continued to count calories the loss was slow and took until December to get within half stone of my goal. Then through Dec-Jan I just limped along...1 lb off, 1lb on, etc etc . Then I had a very hungry weekend, ate about 2000 a day for 3 days, and it seemed to shake things up.

    That was 3 wks ago and since then I've lost 4more pounds, so Im now only 2lbs away from my goal. I dontvknow why exactly, but I think an occasional blow out must stimulate the metabolism . Possibly like the intermittent fasting idea, 5:2. Maybe thats a plan for when things get 'stuck'.

  • Hey i have what i call "cheat meals" now and then like xmas day dinner, and on my birthday in a few weeks im going for indian, but i find i tend to automatically go for less food now think my bodies finally learnt to tell me when its full whereas in the past i would keep going

  • I know the feeling exactly! It is becoming so easy to talk myself into the need for a treat, especially in the evening. Yikes - two small bags of chips that I don't even enjoy! Of course, they taste so much better with a glass or two of red wine! As others have said, everyday is a new beginning.

  • Yes ive noticed that too, but thankfully have managed to curb myself mostly. Onwards and upwards for us all :-)

  • Try and promise yourself a non food treat every week say, something you really want. Might be a motivator. But you are doing so well if your body no longer craves the fatty options. Chocolate is a tough one - no-one can resist chocolate! So give in now and then. I like the post which says after a three day 2000 cal binge, she got back on track. Whatever happens now, you aren't going to throw in the towel - just remember how far you have come! X

  • Thank you thats exactly what im doing, think its just become routine but im back on track so all good. I have non food treats i set myself as i think food treats can counteract the hard work ive put in, but i dont make foods forbidden i have just learnt moderation and keep it within my calorie limits seems to work so not going to risk setting myself back after all the hard work, i have bad days just like everyone else though but getting better at over coming them :-)

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