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Oral Allergy Syndrome

Hi everyone,

I'm just starting my fitness journey, I struggle to loose weight as I'm allergic to fresh fruit and veg (because of the pollen they have in them) I can have them cooked but thats it and its hard with snacking. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem and if we are able to support each other with our journey!

Hope you're all doing well and having fun doing it :)

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I haven't got your problem, but I can make some suggestions. If I were in your position I would be looking at healthy ways to cook vegetables. Think roasting/baking, stir fries, grilled and steamed. You can get 'spray oil', but even for grilling and steaming you don't need to use oil. Even roasting doesn't need oil - roast sweet potatos in their skins and then scoop out the middle. Roast peppers and aubergines whole - also delicious. Also there's a way of cooking bramley apples whole, with a central cylinder cut out and replaced with fillings like chopped raisins and nuts, all wrapped in foil to bake. For snacks, dried fruits might be your friends. Also does freezing kill the pollen? You can freeze grapes and suck them like sweets. Lots of luck.

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Wow thank you for all of that, it has really helped me :)) I've tried doing all that but to me it doesnt tase as good and I just give in! But all of that sounds amazing!! Im definately going to try those apples tomorrow as they sound so yummy! I'm not sure about freezing but im going to give that a go! I can have nuts as they give me the same reaction but rasins im good with! Thank you fpr all your help :))



Having to avoid fresh food must make life a bit difficult, thank goodness you can eat them cooked.

If you can get your meals right, you shouldn't have to snack, but if you get hungry between meals you could eat a few nuts or a plain yoghurt. Perhaps try having a protein breakfast, like eggs, if you usually have cereal, to see if it keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Try not to eat too much processed food, swap to whole grains if you usually eat white, but try not to eat too much bread. Watch out for hidden sugar in ready made food.

There are several foods that I can't eat, so I tend to make most things from scratch.

Good luck with working out your eating plan.

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Hello! It is so hard, what i would give to dig into a salad!! My issue is when i eat healthy i get hungry and want to snack but i find it so hard to find a fast healthy snack! Ooo i didnt know that about protien for breakfast, will have to start getting up eary to cook now :) Thank you for all your help! Good luck to you too!


I can't eat anything with gluten in, along with various other foods. I have gone to a Low-Carb type diet, where I have gone back to eating full fat foods which stop me from feeling hungry and do not make me put on weight. Perhaps have a look at Paleo or Primal diets.


Oh my goodness, finally another person with my same issue. Over the years I have been able to add a few back if eaten in small portions. Citrus fruits are the worst but I can eat tangerines but not oranges. Go figure. I have had a weight issue since I was about eight. It is a constant struggle but I even did a stint as a vegan but it was very hard. I cook most of mine. I am jot a huge meat eater. I have only had one small serving of beef in almost two years. I had a taste of prime rib on Christmas. All I can say is you must plan well.



Oh my I am so happy to have found you I thought that I was the only one! I havent added back anything yet, I'm too worried as my reactions to it are getting worse the older I get! If i remember correctly I am okish with citrus the worse for me is banana, melon and cucmber! Ive has a weight issue since about 10, that was when the reaction started getting worse but never knew about it till later on! Yeah i was a veggie for 8 years but I didnt eat any veg that was burn, I miss it so much! So I'm the same with meat, porks the one meat i still cant eat properly! Thank you for all your help and to know i'm not alone! I'll start my plan tomorrow :)

Beth x


I got diagnosed with OAS last summer :( I always used to eat fresh fruits and veggies and now I cant. Im too scared to try any raw so I cook everything. Ive been overweight since I gave birth to my 2 children. Last summer I also got diagnosed with pre diabetes. Im having a really hard time eating properly. Its always the same foods that I eat and healthy snacking is nearly impossible to do. Apparently I cant eat almonds as it is related to either ragweed or birch cant remember. I just dont know what to eat anymore.


So I just signed up for health unlocked and I'm wondering did you ever get and resolution to snacking in the middle of the day?

For instance I can't eat these because it causes severe intestinal distress plus itchy moth swollen tongue itchy ears and eyes






Any type of melon

Any nut except for pistachios and cashews

I can handle strawberries ok but my mouth still itches

Grapes and citrus are fine

I can handle berries too but I have a texture issue I can't deal with the seeds.

I've tried blending the ones I can't eat but it still give me a reaction and I just don't know what to do?

I can only eat grapes so many times before I lose my mind!!


I'm 14 and i do! I've been trying to keep healthy since i was 12, a year after living with my dad instead of my mum. My mum didn't really look after me or my sisters very well since she was in denial about her mental illness and being depressed and suicidal and angry about the divorce and my dad. This lead to my meals consisting of biscuits and FLOUR whenever i craved food and i only got a dinner and still that was 70 percent of the time.(it was delicious though - my mum is Italian). But mum would get angry when i would complain about tomatoes making my mouth itch and other fruits an fresh veggies. Mostly tomatoes at the time. Anyway, I've struggled a bit on my own since there isn't much noise about OAS but I've come up with a few things that help me and i hope to help you. Xxx thank you for speaking out


One thing i do is not to push myself to bare the tingling. Sometimes i do but tbh i just would take 5 mins to chop and boil the carrots and maybe make it into a soup along with celery and spring onions, sometimes chicken and noodles, and stock along with those. :) i use vegetable stock more than i use chicken stock. Both are delish ;).

If I get a free few hours and maybe if i feel masochistic, i would just eat a whole celery and let myself deal with it 😆

At school it's kind of hard, since at break time they only have bacon rolls, sausage rolls, and fresh fruit. At lunch time you do get boiled vegetables (or roasted veggies but they tend to be covered in oil.) I wish i had the organisation skills to prepare a meal before hand but unfortunately, i don't but i highly recommend bringing a insulator mug full of boiled veggies to work or school.

In restaurants it's also difficult since i can also be picky at times. I don't like any other way of cooking peas than my way 😅. So i try to get something with like lettuce as a side or just order a bowl of leaves and look sad.

I try to reach exercising at least 2 times a week. (That's either running, brisk walking, or at home exercises which consist of an exercises, trying to do shoulder and hand stands ect.) I don't have weights or go to the gym so i don't have a very wide range of exercises but the ones i get only do the job.


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