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Hi....name is Mark....

Last April I weighed in at 17st 5lb....at this time I got Gall stones....over the next 4 months I lost 3st 5lb.....I had the op to remove the gall bladder....Happy 😃👍 bunny!

Through carful eating I managed to keep the weight off up until Christmas.....yup I kind of let things go....not really bad...but man did the weight come back! 😡

Within a 3 weeks my weight went from 14st up to 15st.......today I am 15st 7lb.....I have put on 5lb in 6 days.....

Typical days eating.....green tea with honey ....fresh fruit for the whole day with black tea with honey.....main meal usually consists of white meat or fish with fresh veg of baked beans....I love beans 😬...graze on apples through out the day...

My "naughty" foods ......iced lolly and yogurt...not low fat....

So I am a little confused and angry why I am putting weight back on...

Hope this helps...

P.S.......has anyone ever used a Nutrition expert?

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Hello, Mark, I'm sorry to hear you are now struggling but congratulations on your previous weight loss.

From the foods you've briefly listed it looks like you are consuming a fair amount of sugar, all be it natural. The fact that you are grazing throughout the day on sugary things, bolstered by honey in your drinks means that you are going to often have elevated blood sugar which means elevated insulin, which in turn promotes Fat Storage, but more importantly prevents access to stored Fat.

Why are you taking honey in your drinks, is this something you have always done?

Perhaps look at snacking on some lower carb foods, you probably feel the need to snack on apples because your blood sugar is going up and down so much.

Look at getting some Lower Carb foods into you, like eggs for example.

I would write more but I have to nip out for hour, sorry.

I am sure others will have advice for you also.


Hi Mark

Perhaps have a look at the NHS 12 week plan? If you could stick to 3 meals a day and keep the snacking to a minimum, you will give your body a chance to burn fat, as OlsBean has explained.

You could try having a salad with one meal and lots of different veg with your main meal, to increase the variety of vitamins and minerals you are eating, and to avoid eating too much fruit. Having some more protein should also help you feel fuller and

cut down on the desire to snack.

Good luck.


Thanks to both of you.....sounds like great advice......always thought eating plenty of fruit was ok and does not bother your weight......hmmm wrong!

I don't like sugar....I love honey 😇...been having honey in black tea for years.

I also eat a lot of veg and eat salads 3 or 4 times a week....can't stand junk food

I find it hard to three meals a day.......something never done.....until a few tears back and piled on the pounds!

I will check out the 12 week plan....once again thanks for good advice....much appreciated.


Eating honey might be considered healthy by some but from a weight-loss point of view having Honey in your Tea is in reality no different to having table sugar in it, both have a remarkably similar makeup when it comes to Glucose/Fructose ratio. You are by drinking it dissolved in effect mainlining it at regular intervals throughout the day.

I don't want to jump on the Anti-Sugar/Carb soapbox as there has been enough of that lately in the press but what we all have understand is once digested and in your system, glucose is glucose, it's irrelevant where it came from once it is there, glucose molecules don't look down their noses at each other and think "I came from Organic Porridge Oats. You came from Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles. I'm better than you" :)

There are some pretty big variations in the amount of sugar in fruit, if you enjoy fruit and want to continue doing so maybe look at cutting back the more sugary ones and go for things like Berries :- Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries are all reasonably low in sugar, the latter is also said to have good antioxidants, which might counteract some you lose if you do decide to cut back your honey.

Good Luck.

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Thanks OlsBean.........sounds like great advice......and I will start cutting down......it will help my pocket aswell! 😁💰


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