Admitting to binge eating

I finally came clean to my partner about my 'secret' binge eating habits, I explained how I felt as though I wasn't in full control.

I had made several ongoing attempts to find the problem and solve it directly in hope this would stop my binge eating.

However, I have been unsuccessful in trying to find the problem and I have also been unsuccessful in losing weight and keeping it off.

My partner asked me to think about things I'd done that had helped me avoid binge eating or prevented it from actually happening...

Together we constructed a list that is manageable and I'm feeling more positive that ever before to lose weight, keep it off and avoid these unhealthy bouts of binge eating. :)


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5 Replies

  • Brilliant! Great your partner is helping you - that will be a huge plus! Best wishes!

  • Thank-you :)

  • I'm really pleased for you. Keeping it hidden must have been a horrible burden for you... your partner being supportive is a huge support for you.... onwards & upwards my friend ! Best wishes xxx

  • Thank-you :)

  • Good luck to both of you.

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