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Just started today. I have about 4 stone to lose so it's going to take me a while!

I was slim until my 30s and have gradually gained weight ever since. I have been working out the calories I usually eat each day and am horrified to realise that I can easily eat 3000 on a bad day and even a day I used to think I was " being good" would be well over 2000.

So it's going to be a real shock to my system to stick to a calorie allowance and I am going to need all the help I can get.

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Hi there. I just started yesterday, and like you was horrified when I counted up my calories for the day. Well over 2000, and I thought I was being good! Slightly less so far today. I think the advice to cut down gradually is a good one, I know I will be more likely to stick to it if I don't feel starved at the beginning. Let's keep going, one step at a time.


Thank you for the reply. I think you are right. I have such a lot to lose that it's no good thinking short term. I need an eating plan I can stick to permanently. I am just concentrating on improving my diet to start with. Eating a healthy breakfast, keeping sugary and fatty snacks to a minimum and eating my 5 a day.

My diet has been so bad that this will be a radical change that I will hopefully get used to.

My health has suffered too. I have high blood pressure and painful joints so I really have the incentive to improve and keep going.


Hi you've made a start so your already ahead of those that are still thinking about it! In a year from now you will look back and see how much you have achieved. I greatly underestimated my calcorie intake until I started to write down everything I ate. Weigh in Saturday so fingers crossed I've lost adding to the 4lbs I've already lost only 39 to go!


Thank you. All the best for Saturday. 4 lb is great.


Writing everything down is a real eye-opener, but helps to restrict the food intake. I've bought a small diary and write down all that I've eaten each day. It's helped me to cut out the snacks and to keep to a healthier diet. Good luck!


Absolutely. I wrote it all down yesterday and struggled to keep it to 1500 cals.

I need to completely rethink what I eat and find foods that give me more bang for my calorie buck.

Time spent looking and recipes and calorie counting books would seem the way to go.


Try using myfitnesspal app to calculate all your calories. Its so easy and you just put in the type of food and quantity , eg dairy milk fun size, or mashed potato 150g , glass wine 175mls ...etc etc and it adds it up for you as a daily diaryl its helped thousands of us to lose weight. I had 2 st to lose last may, and I have now lost 26lbs, so am nearly there. You can too!!


Well after a week of procrastinating and reading about the NHS diet and exercise plan I am going to start this properly tomorrow.

I will count the calories and and make the effort to exercise by following the plan.


Me too, I definitely have portion extortion syndrome. Am going to try the advice and have fibre and protein to fill me up. We shall have to wait and see. I have at least 3 stone to lose and should probably lose more.


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