From The Camera of FatbellyGutbucket

From The Camera of FatbellyGutbucket

I spotted these two while walking home after collecting my prescription for the month.

I was crossing a footbridge and managed to get myself settled into an excellent position to sit quietly and wait, smartphone camera at the ready, for them to pass under the bridge. I don't get many calls on my phone. Yep - you guessed it. Incoming call just as they were getting to the best spot for their photograph! Fortunately it didn't seem to disturb them at all.

The things I have to put up with when I'm out walking ...




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15 Replies

  • Serenity.......

  • Until the b***** phone rings! lol

  • Beautiful photo!

  • It got me thinking - I'd have missed the opportunity if I'd got the bus, or driven, into town to collect my prescription.

    How much we miss locking ourselves in cars and buses instead of taking a look at what's between the roads.

    I also found some signs marking an abandoned nature reserve. I haven't been able to find anything, yet, about its history but the signs mention the 'Myrtle sisters' so, perhaps, it was a legacy to the parish some time in the 20th century.

    I got some photographs of brickwork decomposed in the weirdest way. All I can think of is that perhaps it was masonry bees. It looks as though they've eaten the bricks away, but left the mortar pointing. I can't think of any other way the pointing would have been left intact.

  • Love walking along the river so peaceful and calming. Lovely pic

  • It was certainly peaceful and calm above the waterline. In front of the swans is upstream - and like glass today. They must be paddling furiously because behind them is a big wash, and very turbulent. :)

    I'll be keeping an eye on these two. Can't wait until they've got half a dozen cygnets in tow.

  • Last summer i found a beautiful spot by the river, a swan and about 10 cygnets swam past every week it was lovely. Summer soon make the walk much more enjoyable

  • This is a lovely pic. And to think, it's almost spring so hopefully we'll see lots more pics of lovely things seen on walks - thanks for posting

  • Beautiful: thanks for sharing.

    Makes me realise just how dull the gym interior is, where I do most of my exercise ...

  • Lol. The worst I have to tolerate, while out for a walk in the country, is the smell of an upwind slurry pit. I'd rather have to put up with that than have to put up with a gym full of sweaty gym jockeys for an hour.

    At least I can walk away. :)

    Seriously, have VR headsets (such as Oculus Rift) not started appearing in gyms yet?

  • And I pay a lot for having the sweaty gym jockeys around, too ...

  • Lovely photo, thanks for sharing! I walk along a canal path every few days and often see ducks and sometimes swans. Theyre such elegant birds and they are very loyal to their mate apparently!

  • I think that, with the help of modern technology, they're beginning to find that swans are not as monogamous as we've been led to believe.

    This pair looked quite happy together though.

    As least I've started to think of them as a nice sight in the environment, though, and stopped wondering if they'd fit in my oven ... ;)

  • Thought of you just now when I remembered I'd forgotten to eat dinner! Not doing anything just didn't occur to me! Still don't feel the need to eat!

  • I found it quite surprising when it happened to me. I just made the most of it. IIRC I had a low energy, low gi evening meal and thought of it as one of the '2' days out of the the 5:2 for that week. I tried not to overcompensate by overeating the following day.

    I think it shows the start of a healthier relationship with food.

    We keep our biscuit barrel easily accessible, so it's far too easy to dip into. I noticed, yesterday, that I'm beginning to find the smell, when I pop the lid off, very sickly sweet and nauseating. It was powerful enough to make me put the lid back on without taking a biscuit. It'll be losing its prime spot (right next to the fruit bowl) soon. I'll probably put it on top of the cupboards in the kitchen. Wonder how long it'll take Mrs FbGb to notice ...

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